the adventure continues:- Bangkok buses and trains, a ride on the Khlong and Wat Pho…….

Heading out into the great unknown that is Bangkok, Thailand can be a rather daunting thought. As it was Romain’s last day with us Karine and I gave him the task of deciding what to do. Yesterday being a travel day we all slept until we could no longer and then ventured back into the light. After several coffee’s and a late start we headed out for Khao Mun Gai at the local favourite and it was decided that a bus to the metro would do the trick to get us started.

The not so quiet streets of Bangkok…….
My first bus ride in Bangkok……..

Traffic in Bangkok is insane to say the least. I may have mentioned this previously as this is our fourth time back here since landing in Thailand. Our home base if you will. So anyways, we hopped on the bus and headed to the metro. The bus was not to packed and it was sort of comfortable as it was not to hot yet either. We weren’t sure where to get off but all heads were looking out of the windows to look for some kind of indicator.

Identifying what we required Karine said ”Ok, its the next stop!” and off we got and headed for the train station. We were going shopping as Romain wanted to purchase all of the Thai curry pastes he could find and sundry items to tantalise the taste buds back in his current home of Istanbul, Turkey. We found what we were looking for and headed back to the train to go out for lunch at Karine’s fav little places in Bangkok. The Jim Thompson Museum and Restaurant.

Version 2
The Jim Thompson Museum fish pond………living art…
The hidden restaurant………….fabulous food……
The catfish pond – Jim Thompson Museum

This place is beautiful and is built in memory of the man who reintroduced the silk trade to Thailand. The gardens are spectacular and the restaurant is superb. There are Thai dancers performing every half hour and you can buy tickets to walk through the entire compound if you wish. I didn’t do that, I had to eat again! 🙂

This little fella was just hanging about enjoying doing some people watching………

Next we jumped on the Khlong (canal) speedboat taxi and headed for Wat Pho. The temple complex houses the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand, including a 46 m long reclining Buddha. The speed boat ride was hilarious. the roof of the boat actually drops down about 30 cms when it is too high to fit under the canal bridges. Its also a very cool way to see some of Bangkok’s street art too.

Klhong water taxi…..

Walking into Wat Pho is an inspiring thing. There are Chedi’s everywhere and beautifully carved statues guarding the entrances to all parts of the site. You could easily just stop and stare at the statues. The reclined Buddha is spectacular and the temple it housed in is beautiful in every way. The ornateness and the level of kitsch is overwhelming. I find Thailand to be like this in every aspect of its aesthetic. If its shiny and sparkly it must be the best. Hmmmm……interesting indeed.

Authors Note** Every photo of the reclining Buddha I tried to upload failed………hmmm?!

Buddha taking on many forms……..
The inner walls of the temple of the recalling buddha……
Ornate and kitsch……….

We headed back to Freddo’s (Fredric) place to rest for a half hour and the headed out to dinner at The Tree House Restaurant. It was Romain’s last night with us as I said perviously a nd Karine and I wanted to thank Freddo for his unending hospitality. Freddo has kindly let us use his place as a home base during our stay in south east Asia. Merci beaucoup Freddo 🙂


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