the adventure continues:- its not just the climbing that makes Thakhek, Laos truly special…….

Karine and my days normally start with a word….. “Cafe?” The response is always the same “Oui mon coeur! Merci.” That’s my signal to make coffee. It is important to have good coffee and we now have this down to a fine art. We take our purchased ground beans with us. We don’t have to carry anything else either. I have created a very easy coffee maker out of paper towels and a 1.5 litre water bottle. Works a charm…….. 🙂

Pork soup for breakfast with rice and coriander…..

Every morning we awoke at about 6:30am. God knows why when we aren’t going climbing everyday. We rest every third day. This gave us ample opportunity to wander around the place we were located and find some truly amazing things.

Mario and Miss K in the village centre……
Home for a family in the local village
A local farms hay shed………
I don’t know where to start with what this is at all…….

On our rest days we got on our “trusty” scooter and headed out. Some days we would just go into the main street and have a local breakfast, some days we would go off the beaten track and find a place to swim and ride through a local village. These were the days that you really saw what was happening in this beautiful place.

A very cute local……… courtesy of Miss K.

Waiting for the right time of day was sometimes the catch. if it was too bright you would not get the stunning scenery photos that you were looking for. Its best to let the photos tell this story.

Miss K deep in the serenity of the lake beside Buddha Cave, Thakhek, Laos
Thanks for the photo Miss K…………’s the serenity?

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them 🙂


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