the adventure continues:- eating humble pie, seeing a friends success….just goes to show we all need to reset……

Its not very often I come back from the crag feeling really demoralised and dejected, but today was one of those days. It didn’t matter what I did, I couldn’t put together a sequence cleanly and I couldn’t get up things that I would normally on-sight. It was as though my power had been completely zapped from my body………..effectively……..”Elvis had left the building!”

We rested yesterday, having an “Us” day to relax and have a look around the Mae On district where we are staying and it was really relaxing and super good to just hang out together. This morning I woke and felt pretty good. After a good breakfast and a couple of coffee’s, we headed up to Heart Wall. This is by far the best crag at Crazy Horse.

Miss K at the base of “Together” 6a+….her nemesis .

Today I had my sights set on sending a couple of routes that I wanted to try. I decided to warm up on the first pitch of a 6a+ and then a 6b+ to get some blood pumping before attempting one of my projects. The 6a+ was a bit of a shocker as the first route always is for me. The 6b+……well I should have just laid down and gone to sleep for the rest of the day. Couldn’t find the holds, couldn’t read the sequence……everything just seemed hard…..I was fatigued and needed to stop.

The author getting his butt kicked on the crux of “Decide” 6c+……….

The thing that made the day special was my new found climbing buddy Mario (who is 60 years old) sent his 7a+ (24) project. Not sure how many times he tried it, doesn’t really matter…..but he sent it and it was wonderful to see. He had been working on it for a few days and finally it went. Another special moment was Miss K leading a 36 metre 6a+ beast that had been playing on her mind. It was not an easy thing. It had been bothering her for a few weeks, since we were last here.

The best thing was that the crew we were with was great and we were all shouting out support for each other. It is important to remember that sometimes its not about the climbing, not every day is a performance day and sometimes you just get spanked on things when you least expect it. It is good to eat humble pie from time to time. Even the hardest climbers get their butt kicked at times and they keep getting back up and down it all again.

The Crazy Horse Climbing Crew………The French-Canadian Quarter.

Today I was hoping to have some success and to send a couple of my projects, but instead I got my butt handed to me! It became apparent it was more important to watch my friends and partner succeed. Tomorrow is another day, the rock is here to stay and I will continue to fight and grow. For me it is onwards and upwards despite high gravity days.

As my incredible sensei used to say to me……….Persevere Craig……..Persevere!!!!


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