the adventure continues:- the first “us” day, a brand new way and our fav cafe……..yay!!

Its hard to remember what you do sometimes when you’re travelling the world rock climbing and exploring cultures. It can be a little bit of a blur at times. This crag, that crag, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia you get the drift of what I am saying.

Miss K and I were talking about how we are always with people, other people. Friends, acquaintances, people at the crag, there is always someone around. Now please don’t think I am complaining about this. We do love it and meeting people is one of the highlights of travelling, but you need time to yourself and time for just “us” two too!

So while we were on our way to Chiang Mai we discussed not having “rest days” anymore, but having “us” days. This was Miss K’s idea and a sensational one at that. I agreed immediately and thought why not include climb one day, then an “us” day?! Rotate… on, day off. We get to recover and do the other things we like to do as well.

Here we are embarking on a new style of enjoying ourselves as a couple, but also being able to enjoy ourselves, our time together and our time climbing. Keep in mind that while you are at home experiencing the daily grind of work, home, kids, pets etc etc……… you aren’t out climbing everyday……unless you are a professional athlete and even then you’re resting days matter.

Remember we are travelling! Yes unfortunately our lives are fantastic. We understand that, but we also are in each others pockets 24/7. This creates its own set of problems that need to be rectified and resolved.

Dairy Farming in Thailands north country…..Mae On Province.

Today was our first “us” day. It started out with our regular rice soup and we headed out for a ride through the local dairy farms just to get out and about in the sun for a while. We checked out a few places and decided we needed to swim. Unfortunately there is no river, no creek, no pool anywhere around us that we could find. then we saw the “Resort”. We pulled in and there it was……, calm, wet bliss and all we needed to do was bribe them to let us swim. They wanted 250 baht per person…….we said “Thank you” and left.

On the way home we decided to stop at a cafe that Miss K had spotted the day before. Its name……Addicted to Kaffiene. We stopped in and ordered two Americano’s (long black of those who live in Australia). The proprietors name was Ryan and he had lived and trained as a barista in Australia during his college years. He recommended the Chiang Mai blend and we said “Fine mate”. This was without doubt the best coffee I have had in Thailand. It was absolutely stunning.

Ryan working his magic!

Thanks Ryan for the samples and for doing something great for the locals and the tourists alike. We will be back!

Best coffee in Thailand

We headed back home to our bungalow and on the way we grabbed a bottle of Mount Clare BIN 5. We I am pretty sure “BIN 5” was where they got it from too! “Chateau Neuf de Merde” is what I chose to rename it……I thought it appropriate given its flavour and the crappy nutty tones and palette. Miss K and I laughed about it and enjoyed sitting chatting together listening to some tunes and watch the night sky settle in.

Cheers everyone! 🙂


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