the adventure continues:- a clearer mind and a lighter heart, thank you all who’ve played a part….

As I wade through the unrelenting traffic that is Bangkok at 5pm on a weekday. I am headed for the international airport with the unpronounceable name. I am about to leave South East Asia (SEA) after a three month journey that started with a question; “Why don’t you come to Thailand with me?” Taking the advice of my good mate Glenn, I said “Ok then!” I had met Karine in Kalymnos in the September of 2015 and we were off to SEA to go climbing and see some of the most beautiful and remote places this area had on offer.

I have had a sensational time travelling around this area with Karine and experienced more in three months than I could in three years doing this by myself. Being a regular to SEA Karine knew where to go and what to see. We stayed on a little island called Koh Yao Noi, climbed Mount Kinabalu, caught a bus to Lumut to see her friend Marie, travelled overland to Laos to climb rocks in Thakhek and seen palm oil plantations in Borneo.

I guess the reason I am writing this blog is because this is the closing of a chapter in my travels. I left home a broken and barbed man and as I look at my journey, I see wonderful growth and change in me that I would not have experienced if I had stayed where I was. The people I have met over the last three months have changed my mind on things, changed my approach to some things and completely changed my outlook on life in general.

After a climbing day we strolled to the lake for some real serenity………

To all of you who have participated in this journey thus far through SEA, I say thank you for your friendship, patience, companionship, knowledge, motivation and love. The level of care from strangers has been truly overwhelming at times and I can only pay this forward now as we are no longer strangers.

As I embark on the next part of my journey, I can take with me the lessons and knowledge that has been based on via a series of encounter with some of the loveliest people I have met. Flo, Kirstin, Mischa, Gordon, Ingrid, Maurice, Mario, Kaew, Remi, Evelyn, Akiko, Romain, Freddo, Pippin, Marie, Marcus, Pascale, Marine, Lucian……..the list goes on.

I could list many others but these people above are just a few of the truly “good humans” that I have met in SEA. Most are regulars to the area and most of them are climbers, healers, educators and artists in some way or another. But they love this place and some even call it home.

Thanks Miss K for showing me “The Way” 🙂


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