the adventure continues:- a busy few days, a bit of a daze………..I am in a haze…..

Its been busy few of days after the plane took off from Bangkok. I have watched a few movies; including The Martian, The Search for Freedom, The Force Awakens and something else that I cant remember due to being so tired on the plane that my brain had stopped thinking. Not such a bad thing really, I don’t think it was that great anyways.

Arrived in Dubai to find it busier than previously experienced and it was 1am. So I sat down to a beer and wrote a couple of blogs for your reading pleasure. By this time my 6 hour layover was almost half way through and i got out my hard drive and watched as Chris Sharma and Dani Andrada crushed everything they climbed. A nice way to start the day I guess.

The flight to Dublin was also non-eventful and I arrived tired but all the better for some sleep that I got. I got through customs pretty quickly and was in a taxi in no time flat. it was just what I needed. Arriving at my friends place was the best feeling. Lottie was there to welcome me and busy as a bee as always. We had a quick chat and I went out for a bite to eat and she continued work.

Lottie, Steve and I drank Guinness and had dinner until my brain and body decided to completely shut down and I had to go home…….a little trashed to say the least. Jet lag, wine and Guinness…..hmmmmmmm the choices we make. 🙂 Waking the next day at 9am was the best thing that could have happened. Good sleep, no hangover and much to my surprise……no jet lag!!!! Very please indeed.

I was flying to Paris at 6:20pm to meet Miss K and go to her home town and meet her family. Looking forward to the peace of a little village for a while after Bangkok’s noise and craziness. I spent the afternoon just organising some personal stuff and then Lottie kindly gave me a ride to the airport. I checked in, ordered a pizza and wine, then proceeded to my gate with ten minutes to spare.

Arriving in Paris was a bit strange. When I had collected my bags and started to locate my exit, there was a security announcement about a black box being left at the exit I was looking for……..I thought OMFG! Just what I need tonight…..a security scare. The army and police were on the scene in a couple of minutes and we were shuffled through another corridor and out of the building very quickly………crisis averted!!!!

I caught the shuttle to terminal 2 and walked down to the gate Karine was coming in through……her father was already there. We had never met but we recognised each other and did our best to introduce ourselves…….thanks Google Translate and Duolingo for the making me good enough to at least basically communicate with Jean Claude. Karine arrived and much to her surprise we were already laughing. It was a good way to begin the relationship with her dad.

We headed off to Boursonne, population approx. 280. This little village will be our home base for the next ten days. Now its time to sleep off the jet lag and settle into to improving my french again and again and again.


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