the adventure continues:- Miss K, Beauvais, a great night in and a warm duvet………

Well we journeyed up to a little place called Beauvais to visit one of Miss K’s best friends and spend the night eating and drinking. On the way up through the forest we stopped in a town called Compiegne. This is where Miss K went to school and she showed me exactly where. We then ventured into the town centre and found the local bottle shop for obvious reasons and also visited a local chocolatier to purchase an early easter gift to present to the family upon arrival.

Meeting new people has never been a real issue for me, however my lack of French, I thought may have been an issue. Karine assured me that it would be fine. We arrived just as Natalie, Ludovic and Romain arrived home to welcome us. It was wonderful to see the interactions between these life long friends and how they just slotted back into the craziness that lengthy relationships bring. You can just simply be yourself and you feel very very safe.

Starting with an aperitif immediately after arrival the afternoon was off to a wonderful start. They welcomed me into the fold and we began to get to know each other over the next few hours of white wine, red wine, coffee and water…….yep I know…….water!?! One of the things I love about the French is that they drink realistically. They drink at most meals from what I have experienced, but very rarely to excess.

We didn’t actually have a meal as such, we just grazed over the course of the night and continues to chat about life the universe and Led Zeppelin. It was great Ludo’s music tastes were eclectic and we were all exchanging our tastes and playing things that made us soar with passion.Its great to do this when its as cold as it is at the moment.

Another bottle of wine was produced and we all shook our heads and said “Non, merci beaucoup”. This was the call for the closing ceremony and we all made our way to bed. Snuggling up in a warm bed with Miss K is the best thing. The duvet was about two feet thick and we were warm in moment. Then I realised I didn’t have my phone. I like to have it just as a time piece, but being away from family is also on my mind. If its an emergency I want to take the call.

Warm and cozy in the northern part of France with Miss K………’s good!! 🙂


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