the adventure continues: Chateau de Pierrefonds is hidden in the countryside of northern France….

This afternoon although it was a little cool and overcast I asked Miss K if we could go for a drive back up to a little village called Pierrefonds. Miss K said certainly so we jumped in the car and headed out. On the way we drove through the Forest de Compiegne to Tailefontaine and through the planted flatlands that make up this a very very rich agricultural region. Pierrefonds is a quaint little village but it had one very ostentatious feature.

The village of Pierrefonds…….

As you come up to the highest point in the road on to the “high plains” you see it out to the left slightly hidden. The towers and spires rising above the forest canopy. It is an enormous building erected in the middle ages and steeped in history. Duke Louis of Orleans, King Louis the 13th. Emperor Napoleon the 1st and Emperor Napoleon the 3rd have all played a part in the rise, demise and reprise of this incredible palace.

Chateau Pierrefonds, majestic and intimidating all at once.

This is the first real castle I have visited whilst in Europe. I know, a bit weird given this is my second time here in under twelve months. Didn’t expect that to happen at all really. But I am here and it is now. So a castle must be seen and toured. We paid our 7.50 Euro each and headed to the first exhibition where the history is outlined, then the second where the architecture is discussed and the castle restoration is uncovered.

A reception room in the cathedral.

Walking into the main cathedral area was inspiring to say the least. It was about 5 degrees celsius outside and it was about 3 inside. God these places must have been a nightmare to heat. The exhibitions in the rooms were very much about the spires and windows that were used and the work was truly amazing. The rooms were lavish and opulent and there were fireplaces everywhere. The stained glass windows were just stunning.

Stunning stained glass windows of the chapel.

The chapel hall was equally as impressive with a knight as the centre piece of the room. The photo below was taken using the panorama setting on my iPhone 6. I just turned the phone on its side and moved it towards the ceiling. Great way to get the kind of shot required. Any ways thats the technical side of things out of the way 🙂

The chapel hall in the cathedral…….

The main castle was beautiful, although due to the size of the windows and the poor light of the day, photos were of poor quality until we entered the catacombs in the deepest part of The Keep. It was lined with the ghostly statues of knights and religious figures past. There were still tombs down there and an eery monologue guided you through to the end of the basement. It was damp, dank and a great place to not end up even in the present day. I think you would simply freeze to death at night.

The main entertainment hall of Chateau de Pierrefonds.
The ghostly catacombs…….

We then wandered the village for about an hour until was too cold to be out and the sun began to set. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and I must say the company was fantastic. I love being in Miss k’s hometown and just looking around the countryside with her…….. 🙂


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