The adventure continues:- Waking up in the city that never sleeps………the city of lights…

As I sit in the living room of Miss K’s friend Aurore’s place. The sun shining through on this beautiful spring day. I realise that I am sitting in Paris about to have croissants and coffee for breakfast with two lovely French woman. I smile as the romantic side of me becomes aware of this phenomenon. I am in Paris and it is a wonderful feeling.


We are here visiting people, friends and family alike who live in what the rest of the world see as the city of lights, the city of romance and a city filled with culture and style. As the sun heats my body I cherish these thoughts and begin to think about the first time I thought about going to Paris. I remember watching movies and hearing the police sirens on the Parisian police cars and funnily enough I can hear one now. I think that was my first real association with Paris. Police sirens in movies…..LOL:-)


Last night we went out for dinner to an authentic Parisian bistro and it was fabulous. the ambiance, the vibe, the young bohemian’s sitting there drinking red wine and speaking about things with a very cool dismissive tone. The menu was simple and varied. I had to have confit de canard. I love duck and the way the French do it is Ce Bon! My meal was superb and the wine was a delight. I  topped off my evening with my favourite scotch, Lagavulin 16. What a way to celebrate my first night in Paris………very please indeed!!!

The local bistro……..spotted with young bohemians……
Creme Brûlée……..the best desert ever invented!

My French is slowly improving as I am immersed in it almost everyday and I am trying to study regularly during my travels. It the best way to improve and improve fast. It wont be a miracle, it will take hard work. Its great learning again after not caring to for so many years. I realised a long time ago that I like to be challenged and I need that to motivate myself. It has to be difficult or demanding to attract me.

20 minutes later………..

We are now walking through the Père Lachaise, Paris’ biggest and most famous cemetery. It is  more peaceful then you can imagine. You cannot hear anything except the birds. We walked past Oscar Wilde’s grave, Fredric Chopin and many other very historically important figures headstones.



Here I got my first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. We then caught the Metro to Republique and walked to the 10 district where are having lunch. The sun was shining and the morning was truly beautiful……..


I now know why people love this city and return here year after year…….its gorgeous.

As the sculpture below says……..Choose your words carefully 🙂



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