the adventure continues:- the pro’s don’t back off when they only get to the third draw when they are trying new projects.

Today we headed to another area of intimidation and fear. The Cova Gran cave in Santa Linya, Spain. This is the cave where Dani Andrada and Chris Sharma have established and sent some of the best routes at the grade on the planet. It is a beautiful site and it is hidden away under the town of the same name.

The Cova Gran, Santa Linya…… project is the the chalk line just before the shadow of the cave begins

Its just fantastic to be getting out and seeing these amazing areas and meeting some of the people who have sent this sport screaming forward in the past fifteen years. Tom Randall of the “Wide Boyz” was there today and spent a good bit of time politely chatting about some of his adventures. A really lovely man and very funny to boot.

Monique kept at me to get on the first pitch of the route she was trying. The first pitch is 7b+ (26). I was so apprehensive about this and then looked up and thought “the draws are on it, what can it hurt to have a go!” so I tied in and put my shoes on. Off the ground this thing comes at you. Traversing left on good hands with small and very polished footers. The body positions needed for this route required me to be crossing through to gain holds and dead-pointing to holds that were good, but it was super strenuous.

A local beast crushing the crux on an 8a………I think?!?

Sitting on the rope at the third draw felt a little demoralising but I thought “C’mon Craig keep going at least two more draws”. It was my first go on this thing and I haven’t seen the pros back off when they only get to the third draw when they are establishing routes or trying new projects. Pulling on the draw above I clipped it and sat on the rope again. The next four moves were through the crux. I can hold the holds and get to the next moves, but I couldn’t link them…….this is some very hard climbing for me.

If you’re not flying’ you’re not tryin’!

Keep in mind I am NOT giving up……I will get back there again to fight the good fight! 🙂

That is all…………………..


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