the adventure continues:- Inspired by the gods……in the centre of the universe…

I woke yesterday morning feeling very uninspired, my brain wasn’t functioning well and I felt a little anxious. There was nothing indicating anything bad or horrible, I just wasn’t feeling it. So I decided that I would have a rest day. I put my hand up for belay duties. The sun was out, there was a chill in the air and I was really lapping up being a rest day.

I had brought a couple of nice spinach and cheese pasties from the local patisserie, along with an apple turnover type thing for dessert. Pure delight and good crag food. We headed to Oliana again as Simon had been asked to shoot some of the worlds best climbers on their projects. This in itself was an opportunity not to be concentrating on trying to send and another great reason to relax.

We were the first group to arrive at the crag and got the primo car park, loaded up and headed up the hill into……….”The centre of the universe”. As stated previously; This place in intimidating. I belayed for a good couple of hours in total. I was really enjoying the opportunity during breaks to watch Dave Graham fight a serious battle on “Papichulo” 9a+ (36), Daniel Woods put on his best efforts and fought his way up “Fight or Flight” 9b (37) and Clemen Becan work his way up a new project in a relatively relaxed fashion. Chris Sharma was back on “The Blonde Project “ giving it a bit of a burn and Monique Forestier was on “De Picos Pardos” 8b (31) having a very large amount of fun.

Monique said “get on and have a go!”………so I did……LMFAO. It was intimidating, scary, inspiring and awesome fun all at once. I am really happy that I did get on it. Cant wait to keep on trying this amazing line. I think it may always remain a “project”, but thats ok….you have to try.

My first shot at working the hardest route of my life, “De Picos Pardos” 8b (31)…….thanks for the photo Simon.

My goal this year was to push myself and this is a good start.

I thank the gods for the inspiration and support…………. “good humans”

Laugh loud, love long and climb hard!


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