the adventure continues:- after a year away, I’m still at play and…..…I am loving everyday!

So today marks the first anniversary of me leaving Australia and heading into the unknown. I hopped on a plane and travelled to America and spent three months there after a traumatic 6 months where I experienced the “big 4” most stressful things that can happen in a persons life. I was damaged and broken, however reflecting back on this period is great. I have experienced many things since then, both good and bad……..and I have made many decisions about what I will and will not accept from others and for myself. This is nothing short of enlightening.

I have had periods on loneliness and I have felt truly alone, I have felt alone in a sea of people and I have felt unbridled exhilaration whilst by myself. I am a gregarious creature and being social is part of my base character, so the flying solo thing at times was very very challenging.  I have also been with fabulous people and met some of the best people in my life. The care of strangers is amazing sometimes and……………..sometimes the people you know, just out of the blue let you down in the most incredible ways.

I have travelled to 22 countries now and there is so much more to see. I have climbed in some of the best crags on the planet including Oliana and Santa line in Spain, Kalymnos in Greece and I have climbed two mountains, one of them nearly 6000 metres high. The things that have happened just by saying yes to peoples offerings to join them have been truly amazing. This is not only the journey of a life time it is a continuum of growth and learning.

I dont go climbing everyday, but I think about it and I make no apologies about it anymore. I love climbing rocks and the feeling I get doing it……and I have also been able to see parts of the world most people don’t get to see. That makes my trip super special and fun to me. I have done a little touristy stuff, but ti has never really floated my boat. I am on an adventure here, not a holiday….journeys always start with a step into the unknown and right now I gunna just keep on moving onward.

I know I will look back one day and see this journey for what it really is………..a less ordinary life!



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