the adventure continues:- a morning stroll through olive groves to see Figols……..

This morning I decided it was time to take myself for a walk to the little hillside villages that was visible from our terrace in Organya. The village is called Figols and it is about two kilometres from where I am staying. So just to add a little spice I put my laptop and a few other items in my pack for weight and trucked out the door with a purposeful stride.

The walk down into the valley through the farmlands and market gardens was beautiful as its early spring and the farmers are out preparing their fields and gardens for the new crop. I was greeted by the three sheep that lived down the lane, I am sure they recognised me from the other day. I said “good morning” and continued on my way.

The beginning of the process

There is an old concrete suspension bridge that leads the way to the other side of the Segre River that separates the two towns.Its wonderful to look down and see a couple of fisherman working their fly lines possibly trying to coax trout out of the brisk clear water. The river is flowing as the snow melts from a top the peaks that make up the central western Pyrenees Mountains.


My brisk walk is suddenly a little more strenuous as I rise out of the valley and head up a mild incline. There are terraced olive groves on either side of the road and freestanding stone fences that separate the levels. I love this look. It reminds me of so many of the films I have seen set in Spain.

Beautiful streets of Figols


As I approach the town I am greeted by the sounds of chickens fossicking around the hen house as a lone feline watches them from the top of an old barrel. It is a beautiful morning. The sun on my face and the coolness is just taking the edge off my body temperature so I am not too hot. I am sure there are more dogs than people in this town and they let you know they’re there.

Nothing to say really is there?

Heading towards the local chapel a cherry blossom blooms brightly and catches my eye. It is stunning and reminds me of my days in Japan during “hanami” (cherry blossom season). I have to stop and stare. The chapel is ancient and incredible. The bell tower is still functioning and the stained glass windows still intact.

The bell tower reminded me of the Alamo

This town is so incredibly cute and so typical of what I thought rural Spain would truly look like. Its gorgeous and rustic and if the wind is blowing the wrong way…….it smells of goat piss 🙂

A relaxing morning for some…..

Its definitely worth a visit if you are in the area……..


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