the adventure continues:- Life is incredibly satisfying if you just don’t over complicate it.

There are still many places I would like to travel to and I am sure over the next few months some of these wonderful destination will be ticked off my list. It is hard to say right at this point in time how long I will keep travelling for, but I know I am not in the least interested in stopping right now or in the foreseeable future.

Right now I have returned to Kalymnos in Greece for the third time in nine months. Miss K and I have settled into our apartment and are up setting house for about a month or so. We intend to spend out time climbing rocks, doing yoga, cooking meals for each other and basically waring off the winter coat that has sort of draped itself over us.

Welcome back…………………

Our time in Boursonne was wonderful and spending time with the family  and with new found friends was truly wonderful. I felt incredibly welcome and despite my average French, we all had a very good time and ate, laughed and drank a lot.

To be so fortunate to have the opportunity to be absorbed into this lifestyle in a little village sixty minutes north of Paris was nothing short of incredible. The locals that I met were lovely and we would walk through the forest once a week together chatting and sipping coffee as the mist from our breath filled the air. Yes it was cold and it was wonderful. Snow, hail and rain fell but we were warm and we were happy.

Like we were happy in Boursonne, Miss K and I are now happy here in Masouri, Kalymnos in our little apartment….it feels like home and we feel very at home in this tiny town on this relatively small island. Walking down the street people are walking out of restaurants and saying “Hi Craig! Its good to see you two are back again. How long are you here for this time?” We love our host, we love our local cafe and we love the climbing and adventure that is available to us here.

The pine forest of Telendos

As the sun sets over the island of Telendos and we sit relaxing in Glaros Snack Bar, we have agreed to have dinner at Kokkinidis tonight and catch up for an after dinner drink with our friends Mike and Themi if they are available. We will go climbing tomorrow and I will cook dinner for my lovely lady. Its important to have a regular life sometimes and doing the simple things that please you.

I told you I was cooking dinner……..

Life is incredibly satisfying if you just don’t over complicate it.


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