the adventure continues:- we don’t want to be anywhere else right now……..

Karine and I have already been climbing a lot here in Kalymnos and having a really good time together. Today Karine ticked her first 6a for the trip after a month off rock and no training at all. Two days ago I ticked my first 7a of the trip on my second attempt. I hope the trip continues to gain momentum based on this success. We have already climbed a total of 35 routes since we arrived.

Some unknown punter………

We are really loving being here and because its just the two of us there is no possibility of photos. Being here together for a month is just wonderful and its great to be able to do yoga and climb regularly. Miss K’s yoga instructor is a lady that we met again in Thailand after first meeting here in September. Eva is truly wonderful and very lovely. We are having dinner together on Friday night. Looking forward to it too.

The weather is sensational and there are a few people in town as the island has only just recently commenced business for the season. The winter was very mild apparently and the locals lapped up the comfort of the sun. Its amazing how the island comes to life after a three to four month hiatus.

The biggest difference about being here at this time of year is the smells. The other day at the crag we were smelling the strong aroma of wild thyme and sage……truly amazing. The campanula flowers are blooming and the cliffs are glowing this beautiful purple colour. Its truly wonderful.

These beautiful flowers cover the cliffs…….

We have now climbed at Summertime, Arhi, Poets and Iannis. Three days of climbing, four crags and its fantastic to say the least. I am so looking forward to simply trying hard and getting a good run at some of the routes I want to do. Miss K is getting stronger and her mental game is coming good already. She is also going to be trying super hard.

Today I tried “Attitude” 7a and it was very damp due to the extremely high humidity last night and high temps today, then I tried “Themalina” 7b+. Just thought I’d start working it to see if I could do the moves…..its going to be hard, but I got the moves. Then I got on “Sevasti” 7b and put the draws on………I was wrecked and we decided to go home.

Cooked a great dinner of Tuna pasta with capsicum pesto and grilled veggies and had a nice dry white wine to add some relaxing grapes to the mix.

thats all for now, but stay tuned for the next update.


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