the adventure continues:- two great days of climbing with new friends and new crags

With four solid climbing days now under our belts Miss K and I are feeling very much motivated to start pushing harder and being a lot more selective about the routes we want to climb. The great thing about being here in Kaly is that we can spend time on just projecting routes that are inspiring to climb rather than just playing the quantity game. If we were only here for a week we would climb everyday and thrash through as many routes as many routes as we could and recover back at home.

Today we climbed at Aginonta, a beautiful crag of striking red rock that overlooks the small and very pretty village of the same name. We met John and the two Sherri’s at the crag and hung out there and climbed some lovely routes. Warming up on “Free Style” a 28 metre 6a+ was a great start to the day and then I onsighted “Anna Maria” a pumpy tufa route graded 6c/c+ for my second route. I didn’t expect to do it as well as I did and was pleasantly surprised.

It gave me the motivation I needed to get on the next route I had in mind. A bouldery 7a called “Sex in the City”. I had tried it once before in September 2015 and failure was my only success. Recently climbing in Spain had really inspired a change in my approach and I was taking this approach on every route now. I jumped on and was climbing rather fluidly and then got spat off the wall rather suddenly after misinterpreting a move. Oh well work it out and keep going. It was fun and Miss K always catches me really well when I fall off.

The author on “Sex in the City” 7a………

The day prior to this we all headed up to Trois Ilots sector at the Gerakios crag. Miss K had spotted this area in the guidebook and we had also heard the routes were sensational. Never a truer word spoken. We arrived at about 10:30am and started up this stunning 5c called “Expidixis”. 30 metres of fun and flawless slab climbing, truly beautiful.

Miss K led and flashed every route with the exception of the sensitively named  “Cuni Lingugus” a 6b+. This stunning line had an alpine feel and the face climbing on the headwall at 27 metres above the ground was incredible.

The author warming up at Troit Ilots sector, Gerakios….thanks @johnpricephotography

It was a great day out and the weather turned out perfectly with the sun on our backs and a slight breeze to make the friction on rock just perfect. Definitely will be going back there for some more relaxed fun and superb climbing.


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