the adventure continues:- where there are mountains and I can see the sea……..

As I attempt to write this I am sitting in bed looking out my window at the beautiful island of Telendos. The sun leaks its rays across the top of the highest part of the main peak on the island. You can hear the engines chugging along as the sound moves local fisherman across the Aegean to their favourite place of work. The sound of the sea lapping against the beach is a constant reminder of just how close we are to both mountains and the beach.

Waking up to this every single day is super taxing…………

I was asked recently what would be the perfect location to build my house that I am planning to build and I stated very clearly “Where there are mountains and I can see the sea!” Although Kalymnos is not the perfect financial location, nor is it my first place of choice to find any sort of stable income. It is a place where I feel very relaxed, motivated and at home.

We have met a lovely group of local and ex-pat people who live here and they have been forthcoming with details about the local community and the pros and cons of living here on a full time basis. Miss K and I have discussed staying here for a three month period. It is high on our list of things to do over the next year or so.

We have been hanging out and climbing with an Australian guy, John and his lovely Canadian lady Sherri over the last couple of days and its been a blast. They are heading back home to Canada tomorrow afternoon so we are getting out climbing early tomorrow  morning with them for their last hoorah……..very excited indeed.

A couple of hours later…………. We are now heading out on the scooter for a ride to Vathy with  John and Sherri. They haven’t been there yet and its an “us day” for Miss K and I. The weather is ok, its a little cool on the scooter and we decided to rug up for the possible alpine condition on the mountain top. Bloody good thing we did… was a little cooler than we had expected.

This alpine vista hides Vathy from the elements…….

The surrounding mountains and valley have a really great feel about them and you notice that you are in a very different place to Masouri. No beach, not many people and a very agriculture based area. The citrus fruit there is spectacular and we stole a few mandarins and oranges that were outside the private properties boundaries to sample.

The incredible sea entrance and its protected port of Vathy……..

The local fishermen were tending to their nets and the water in the bay was incredibly clear and beautiful. This is a very quaint little village that has a gorgeous water port for minimal ocean faring traffic. A great way to spend the morning with some nice people in an amazing and relatively unknown place.

The locals hard at work……..
This is Vathy swimming pool……..obviously not a pool

One thought on “the adventure continues:- where there are mountains and I can see the sea……..

  1. Just love following your adventures, the photos are beautiful and they make me very envious. Love where the sea enters the harbour. You will have to put all this in a book oe day :)Stay safe


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