the adventure continues:- everything went mo’ better on Mofeta……..

In case you hadn’t realised it, climbing in Kalymnos is incredible. It is the place to come for the ultimate climbing holiday. Today we headed out to Arhi sector to spend a couple more hour with John and Sherri before they had to head home to Canada. We got up early and sorted ourselves out quickly and headed off of our trusty little scooter. The wind was cold on our faces as we cruised the coastline of this stunning Greek island.

Arriving at the base of the crag John and Sherri were already climbing and had been there for about forty minutes or so. We weren’t late we just agreed to meet a little later due to dinner with friends the night before. We put our gear on and start to indulge in one of our favourite pastimes.

Sherri doing some serious slab grabbing……….

Karine warmed up o a couple of 5’s and I enjoyed the slab climbing experience more than she. Miss K is not a fan of slabs and doesn’t like the experience at all. I decided to warm up on something a little harder and decided to jump on “Mofeta” 6c+ a very unusual and technical route. I had been on the route once in September 2015.

Tying in I was very calm and not thinking to much about what I was bout to embark on. I couldn’t really remember much about the route other than it was hard in September and I had fallen off it in the first crux. I looked up at this beautiful black flowstone and thought….ok its time to have some fun. I pulled on and I was on my way. The first two bolts were a little testing as the style is very unusual for me.

I managed to move pretty seamlessly up to just below the first bouldery crux and get a nice no-hands knee bar to rest  a little. I then chalked up moved out and pulled the crux in a far better fashion than when i had previously tried. Moving up this route is no giveaway and you have to work your feet on some very smooth rock, but I pulled the technical crux after a short rest and then up the headwall to the anchors. Very pleased indeed.

Then the hard work began…….”Polydeykes” 7a+. Talk about solid and unforgiving. Its going to take some serious effort to send this route. Its a very different style for me…………but you can always learn something from these things.

The author two bolts from the anchors trying to get a decent rest before peeling off…….

Love long, laugh loud and climb hard……….. 🙂



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