the adventure continues:- Us days becoming a very popular tourist opportunity……..

Being an “us” day……it was a great opportunity to start the day and be spoiled at our favourite place to hangout. Karine and I headed down to Glaros Snack Bar and indulged in a full English breakfast each.

Katerina, the owner of our accommodation was in the cafe and told us that she would be at the church this morning doing some conservation and restoration work until 2pm and said we should come down and check it out. Kat is who I have now stayed with three times in the last nine months. Karine and I both nodded our heads and said we would pop in and have a look.

When we arrived at the church after navigating the streets of Chora (pronounced Hora) and found Katerina hidden in the far right hand side of the chapel with a spot light glowing to light the area she was working in. She hugged us both and greeted us happily and started to show us around the small but significant Kalymnian cathedral. The reason Kat was there is because a fire broke out and scorched and damaged some of the ancient artefacts held there.

Katerina painstakingly conserving one of two painting that are painted directly onto the walls of the cathedral…….

It was wonderful to go on our own private tour of the place and see how incredibly detailed the work required is to resurrect some of these pieces.

A partially restored piece from another church in the local area.
The altar and the opulently decorated veneer beside it…….
Katerina and Karine discussing the interpretation of the death and ascent to heaven of the Virgin Mary in this 200 year old artefact.

Later in the day after Miss K whipped up a lovely fresh salad and equally fresh fruit salad for our lunch, we headed out to the lookout above Vathy to go for a bit of a walk. What I didn’t realise was that the lookout was just a starting point for a number of walks to different parts of the mountain range and one of them contained some Italian Gun Emplacements from WW2.

The view from the gun emplacements
the base for one of the gun placements…..

Karine and I walked to see if we could find the gun emplacements and we did, well the remnants of them anyways. We found two bases where very large weapons could have been mounted and faced directly out to sea. Below us was a secluded little beach that would have given troops access to Kalymnos if they so decided to attempt to attack. If the gun emplacements weren’t there and manned, no one would have known the enemy were coming at all.

Miss K looking charming and relaxed as always………

We walked further down the track and met a few goats and established that at this time of the day it was definitely too hot to make a descent to the beach, however we agreed that we would be back to try another day…..we’ll see what happens with that.


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