the adventure continues:- Face your fears and set yourself free……

Today was I guess one of the funniest climbing days since I began climbing late November 2006. Today Miss K and I had the pleasure of taking out two lovely ladies whom we have become very friendly with over the past twelve months. Sue and I met at Glaros Snack Bar back in June 2015 and Koulla was working there with Sue and Steve.

We had said we should go out climbing one day together and today that day finally arrived. We arrived at Kastelli car park at 9:30am to see two very excited ladies waiting for us with their gear ready to walk into possibly the easiest crag for climbing on the island of Kalymnos. The walk in was hilarious with Koulla narrating every step of the way and the rest of us just laughing. She is one of the funniest people I know.

The author thinking “what tha’ hell have I signed up for?”………Koulla and Sue laughing……continually.

Being born Greek and travelling between Kalymnos and Darwin regularly, Koulla is the classic Australian Greek….on the wall today there were Oh my God’s……You don’t understand’s……and the evergreen classic………I cant do this!!!! It was fantastic to watch this lady try her guts out and confront a few fears on the way through. More power to her and I hope she continues to try and do new things.

The always fabulous and almost famous Koulla K on her first route of the day…………

Sue just waltzed up the wall and had an enjoyable time as always and couldn’t stop laughing when Koulla was climbing. Sue said her ribs were aching from it. We had a great time and have organised another little adventure for next week. Sometimes it makes a big difference in your life to  see someone else do something that empowers them.

After we had finished our mornings little adventure with the girls, Miss K and I headed up to Odyssey Sector as I was keen to get on “Island in the Sun” 7a+. When we arrived I looked up the route to see the 8th bolt had a huge X on it. So I decided to not get on it in case the bolt was stuffed. I was a little disappointed as this route was on my tick list for this trip……oh well plans change and there are plenty more routes near the sea.

Telendos from the top of Odyssey Sector.

We walked back down to a smaller sector and I tried and failed a couple of times on “Calypso” 6c+. I tried to onsight it but blew a hand placement near the last bolt and it was all over. I had another shot and had an “Alzheimer’s moment” and forgot where I was going and fell off again. 6c+ has always been my nemesis grade and I am now actively working on ending that. I am getting on them when the grade is available at the sector we are climbing in.

Face your fears and set yourself free…………

Sunset over the Aegean……never get tired of this view.

3 thoughts on “the adventure continues:- Face your fears and set yourself free……

  1. Sounds like a fun time with Sue & Koulla, it does look like a fun thing to do, for me maybe 30 years ago 🙂 The photo’s are stunning!


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