the adventure continues:- a little side-tracked and pursuing other endeavours.

Well, folks it has been a little while since I did some writing and updated you all on the latest happenings in my world. As you would be aware we have been climbing in Kalymnos for five weeks and despite my usual enthusiasm for writing I have been side-tracked and was pursuing other endeavours.

I have to say though….I did miss writing regularly and I find it cathartic and its nice to chat about what experiences I am having travelling around this wonderful planet. I have now seen many places and returned to a few of them simply because they are wonderful.


Miss K and I did a lot of easy hiking whilst in Kalymnos on our “Us” days, trekking up the highest peaks on the island to capture vistas and visit chapels that are only sparingly visited by the local holy men. We also did a lot of climbing. Unfortunately it is difficult to take photos when there are only two of you and you adhere to  good safety practices as a team.

The best view in town

I am not making excuses for not taking climbing photos or not writing too much….I just had my motivations laying elsewhere. I got a couple of opportunities as you can see and some people we met after the fact had taken a couple shots to.

Most of you will not know that I cooked most nights we were in Kalymnos. Our little apartment was wonderful for this and I absolutely enjoyed getting into the kitchen and preparing meals again. I love the experience of making something for someone and then getting to sit and enjoy the result with them.

Home Sweet Home……Kalymnos
Chicken and mushroom risotto on the terrace.

Listening to Karine’s playlist was also a highlight. The experience new music can bring is wonderful. We would sit and eat and talk about many things but the music and the cuisine made for a delightful night, every night. Some nights we would eat on our terrace and watch the sunset.

– “Its only a dream if you don’t live!” – Me


One thought on “the adventure continues:- a little side-tracked and pursuing other endeavours.

  1. I know I say it all the time but you have the most amazing life and the photo’s are always stunning!! And you cook as well, Karine is a lucky lady, it is great that you have a lovely lady to share your adventures with. Oh and I love the his & hers yoga mats 🙂


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