the adventure continues:- a dinner party in Paris with real thespian Parisians…excellente!!!

We headed into Paris yesterday at about 5pm in the afternoon and arrived at our destination an hour or so later. Our hosts for the evening were a lovely bohemian couple Karine has known for years and they are wonderful. Jean-Jacque and Vivianne welcomed us at the door with open arms and two kisses each one on each cheek. We were all excited to see each other as this was the second time in about two months we had been over for dinner.

After a couple of white wines and some catching up, I eased into using what little French I have to attempt to join in on the conversation. I am now at the point where I feel comfortable at least trying to ask questions and vague understand the answers. Karine, Viv and JJ are also great teachers and very patient with the speed at which I speak.

The food was divine! If I remember rightly, radishes’ are in season and the french eat them as an aperitif with butter sometimes. So we indulged with olives, radishes and a couple of other morsels with the champagne. Main was chicken tajine with dates and eggplant. OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! It was incredible. When the lid of the tajine was raised everyone just breathed out simultaneously. It looked just beautiful. Cous cous and salad were the sides and off we went into a great night.

Tajine de poulet avec dattes et aubergine………

Tonight we were not the only ones at the party. Tonight we were being joined by Rudolph and Valerie. They are very dear friends of JJ and Viv’s and just as bohemian and eclectic. After the introductions we settled into the first of two bottles of champagne as a starter. This was going to be a great night and possibly quite long indeed.

Its a team effort to get it all happening……..

The banter was absolutely sensational and extremely funny. Rudolpho was a very interesting man and he is apparently a very well known set designer in the Parisian Theatre scene. He was also very very funny. I have always said “If someone is funny in their second language, they must be absolutely hilarious in their first language”. Only problem was that Rudolpho was speaking in his third language.

Valerie was equally as funny and very entertaining indeed. Her english was exceptional and she was a very striking looking woman. She kept us completely entertained throughout the night with wise cracks and satirical commentary. Viv and JJ…….…Well, what can be said; they are a laugh a minute and super enthusiastic about entertaining people.

Valerie dishing up the coriander and JJ handing out the serviettes, while Viv dishes the main up.

Breakfast the next day was perfectly french as well. Thanks JJ, Viv, Rudolpho, Valerie and my darling Karine for a sensational evening. 🙂

Breakfast in Paris

In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.

 – Julia Child13217126_10206564687136245_5323435337368105816_o


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