the adventure continues:- atlantic crossing….to the other side of the Pacific, but I cant see home.

The city of San Fransisco…………fromTwin Peaks lookout.

The early morning start from Boursonne, France yesterday was certainly going to take its toll as we l travelled south towards Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airport at 5:30am. I had not slept well during the night and was feeling it already as the first coffee started to kick in as we arrived safely and slightly unsoundly in the car park. Karine’s dad had kindly agreed to take us to the plane so we didn’t have to leave at 2:00am and try to get an very early bus.

Check in was relatively painless and we hopped on our initial flight to Frankfurt. We were flying with Lufthansa so we had to go via its home hub. Due to our late departure from Paris we had a little less of a layover in Frankfurt, so K and I got a coffee and a croissant and just quickly checked out the news, our emails and social media pages. This has become the morning habit, its not a bad one as we have friends all over the world who are chatting to us and wanting to know how life is going for the two nomads.

Super excited to be heading to San Fransisco we were both grinning from ear to ear when we walked down the gangway to board our plane. It was an A-380 800. The biggest commercial airliner in use at this time in history. truly a marvel of modern aviation and so incredibly big that I feel like I know now what its like to enter a spacecraft. We found our seats and settled in to our inflight routine with a sense of normality that I never thought I would ever reach.

The inflight food is not always great and it can sometimes make you feel a little “compromised” lets call it, but that was not the case for me today. All good actually and the G & T’s worked a charm to take the edge off the tiredness. Not usually a fan of alcohol on flights but this was ten hours and thirty minutes and I knew that jet lag would kick in.

We watched a few movies, did some stretching, sort of slept and watched another couple of movies. then came dinner and when that was finished the captain said “Ladies and Gentlemen were are now beginning our decent into San Francisco”. We smiled at each other and were very happy to hear this indeed. Landing was smooth and we felt absolutely exhausted. We both had headaches and felt a little nauseas but other than that all was good in our world.

I could go on for hours about immigration and customs after my first experience in the US, but there is no need as this time despite the large number of people going through it was a relatively painless experience. The gentleman who looked after me was very jovial and made me laugh, even though I was totally stuffed from the flight. I still had my sense of humour and it was a good joke.

We met Karine’s friend Amelie who had flown in direct from Paris at the agreed cafe on the left as you exit the baggage claim area and hugs and kisses flew everywhere. We then met our host for the next week or so and happily trundled back to the car to  then be whisked off to the Twin Peaks lookout to get our first and most amazing view of San Fransisco.

But I can t see home from this side of the Pacific.


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