the adventure continues:- you are in a place of greatness when you can feel it walking down the street…..

As part of our initiation into the life of a San Franciscan we were shown around some of the local neighbourhoods. Amelie decided it was best to catch a cable car from where we were staying and head into Castro. Unknown to me, the exit from the metro brought us out at Harvey Milk Plaza. In case you don’t know Harvey Milk was the founder of “The Human Rights Campaign”.

San Francisco’s Finest…… can’t not check one of these out….

We walked down past the beautiful Castro Street Theatre. This place plays all the classics. Currently Jaws, Blade Runner, The Hunger and Carrie are all playing. It was wonderful to see the openness of the area and the names of the local shops are truly fabulous and also hilarious all at once. One that springs to mind is a nail salon called Hand Jobs…….Only in San Fransisco.

This is far from pedestrian…………gotta love the openness of this town
The famous Castro Theatre…………
Nothing more to add really………….
and so on………

We just strolled around for about an hour checking out the area and the street and then wandered up to where the cable cars stop. This is classic San Francisco. These cars have been round for so long now they are iconic in every way. A better way to see this beautiful city there would not be. But we decided to walk as it was summer today according to the locals. They were out in droves, sitting in the parks and wandering around enjoying the hot weather.

One from the thirties……..
A beautiful day out indeed…

Just walking around here you feel like you’re in a movie. the classics were filmed here. The Maltese Falcon, Escape from Alcatraz, Bullitt and all of the Dirty Harry franchise. You know you are in a place of greatness when you can feel it walking down the street. I was so excited to be doing this and my body was feeling the heat and the jet lag from the flight over.

Classic local architecture.

We walked for hours and looked at everything, the architecture, houses and what grades they had were stunning and what I had grown up seeing in films. The steepness of the streets in part of the city is amazing and you feel it walking them. The local street art in the city is truly incredible. There is also a large hispanic population and it is very much apparent in some of the art. Whole buildings are used as canvasses and the themes are incredibly politically and socially complex and varied.







We lunched at a very chic little place called Salumeria in the industrial area heading toward the east side of town. The food was spectacular and the homemade limeade was just awesome on a day like this.


We continued to walk until we reached another very chic little venue. A cafe, where you can get coffee infused with nitrogen, not sure how that works or what it does other than taste a little weird. It was an iced coffee effectively and it did the job of supplying enough energy to get back to Harvey Milk Plaza on Castro……Later in the evening we went out for dinner to Salt House and had a nice meal with some nice locals.

All in all, this was a wonderful way to be introduced to San Frans Finest………


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