the adventure continues:- walk back in time through Keyhole Canyon…….petroglyphs and classic cliffs.

Dan, Alicia and I headed out to a pretty special place today to climb. It is old school ethics and hard lines on some amazing rock. The most incredible thing about climbing in the Eldorado Mountains is that you are climbing on granite. It was a big surprise to me that we were going climbing on granite. I have only done this twice before. Once at Enchanted Rock in Texas just over a year ago now and the other place was Zillertal in Austria in July last year.


Silver Bullet Wall……Dan and Alicia enjoying the warm up.

This wasn’t really my style of climbing and the change in rock was very daunting. It was a humbling day of crack climbing on top rope. My technique improved today in just three routes…..It was wonderful……….AND……. we were climbing up cracks using old piton scars in the rock…..super cool indeed!

the author testing his technique……..

All of the routes we did were boulder problems (google it) and they were over 8 metres (24 feet) high. These are known as highballs. This is a place of hard routes and history. It’s game on from the first move to the last.

incredible formations…………

The climbing was awesome but the most amazing thing there in the canyon is the petroglyphs. This native American art form is a wonderful thing to see with some of the art representing lunar sequences and telling stories of old. There is a cave at the entrance to the canyon and there is a grinding table stone inside. It is pitted with many divots, seemingly made from the native people grinding up meal and grain. Truly fabulous to see.

the grinding table………
petroglyphs on the outside of the grinding table cave……

Walking into the back of the canyon there is the most beautiful polished granite waterfall. Although it is dry all the time, it is a stunning thing to look at. This is the first time I have seen anything like this, especially just a few miles out of Las Vegas. It is a real pleasure and an absolute privilege to spend time with Dan and Alicia and to go climbing in such unique areas in the US.

The inner canyon.
the white granite waterfall, Keyhole Canyon, Eldorado Mountains Nevada

A place of wonder for the heart and soul………the place has wonderful energy and it is worth a trip out into the desert. 🙂


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