the adventure continues:- I do live a life less ordinary and every encounter is to be cherished.

So at 5am this morning I woke to head out and have my final day on “Fear and Loathing” 7a+ (5.12a) at The Wall of Confusion in the Red Rock Canyon Recreational Area just out of Las Vegas.

I was feeling a little fatigued as I had been climbing and training pretty much every day that I had been in town. My goal was to get on the route and try very hard today.

Dan and I arrived at the second pullout to find my friend Albert’s car parked there. Dan and i were both pleased as I had not be able to spend a lot of time with Albert due to his work hours and busy schedule. He messaged me last night to say he was coming out to meet us and I thought wow, thats super cool I really hope he does.

Sports pack……….love it!


The morning presented to us was one of delight and a little confusion as the sun was shining brightly and it was very cool indeed. Probably around 17 degrees celsius. As we approached the top of the approach, perched high on a rock in the middle of the canyon was Albert in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Dan and I were both dressed for the cooler weather having been out there a couple of days previously and it was chilly.

We greeted each other warmly and got our gear on and started climbing. the warm-ups were exactly that…….warm ups. After a couple of routes Albert had to go, but it was great that he had made the effort to come and hang with us. I appreciated this incredibly as I value his friendship.

Mantling over the edge to the anchors on the warm up…….

Dan and I headed over to my project and I gave it another couple of shots. I gained a new highpoint on the route but unfortunately I did not send it. It was my fourth shot that was my best so far and my fifth was just to get the clipping positions together and to push myself through to failure, which I did very successfully. I was a little disappointed but satisfied with my lessons learned.

American Sportsman 6b (5.10c)……….thanks for the catch Albert.

We continued to climb and Dan had a very good shot on “The Gift” 7c (5.12d) only coming off at the crux once. Resting for a few minutes Dan climbed to the anchors. We packed up and headed home. I had to be on a flight to San Francisco at 3pm so I could head out for dinner tonight with Kiss K, Amelie and my friend Jen, whom I met climbing at Smith Rocks, Oregon last year.

I am writing this blog as the flight reaches its mid-point and listening to my favourite band Rush’s album Exit Stage Left. Cant get enough of it……….In my humble opinion……best live rock album of all time.

Anyways my time in Vegas has been super special and I was very please to have caught up with almost everyone that I had met previously…….Sorry Chae Chae. I also met some very cool new people and had a great time.

I would very much like to thank Dan and Alicia for their truly fabulous hospitality. It is a pleasure to know you both and to have got to spent some very good quality time with you. We will do it all again in the future. There are many mountains to climb with these truly “Good Humans”.

I do live a life less ordinary and every encounter is to be cherished.

Laugh loud, love long and climb hard………………..


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