the adventure continues:- another beautiful day in San Francisco……..

I know it may sound incredible, but the two days that I have spent wandering around this great town have been absolutely incredible. The weather is unseasonably warm and the winds have been very  very low. Even the locals are amazed at how incredible the weather is.

The Bay Bridge…

We rode the Muni (tram system) from Sunset to Embarcadero and strolled around the Ferry Wharf area taking in the Bay Bridge and checking out some of the local street talent. Particularly a guy doing some insanely cool freestyle riding on a BMX bike. A truly gifted individual. The guy playing drums in the same square was also a talented man too.

Classic San Fran…….

We hopped on to our cable car and headed down to Fishermans Wharf to see the sea lions baking in the afternoon sun and arguing over who gets to bask next to who. I checked out the view of Alcatraz form the shore line. It is an ominous place and looks miserable to say the least. It’s not called “The Rock” for no reason. I am not sure yet whether I will get out there as Its Memorial Weekend and all the tickets are pre-sold. When I look online there is nothing available at times that I like.

California sea lions at Pier 39

Heading closer to Fishermans Wharf the crowds were just getting crazy so we headed up to Lombard Street. It’s the most curvy street in the world apparently and tourists flock to see it. It is rather beautiful actually and I remembered seeing it in the 1977 Guinness Book of Records that my dad had. It was cool to see it up close and blooming incredibly.

Lombard Street…….
Vintage Cable Car………

Next was the San Fran Institute of Art. A beautiful industrial looking building that was all pressed cement. A great and very simple design concept that I liked. The cement had the impressions of the wood framing used all through it…….Very cool indeed. Some of the art was interesting and some was not……..I feel contemporary art is completely lost on me……maybe I need to start thinking about it in a different way.

One of San Frans finest….
I love the external fire stairs…………

We then headed down to the Italian district and had a nice lemonade and just sat in the sun absorbing its energy. Amelie said there was a classic blues bar around the corner so we headed in there and had a beer and listened to the Dave Workman Band for a set after we quickly stopped for a very nice and very rich lemon canolli (Italian sweet). Great band and great tunes…….it brought back a  lot of memories.

The pier and surrounds

The night before we had dinner with our hosts and they are both musicians. We jammed until about midnight and played some great fun stuff; laughing and singing loudly.

After the band we went out for dinner and had pizza and talked about our day. Walking back through down town was great and I got the opportunity to photograph a couple of famous movie buildings. One from the film “Interview with a Vampire” and the other from “Towering Inferno”. It was a great way to end a fun day of wandering.

Love this building

I get so tired just walking around. I feel like I have walked up a mountain some days and I am fit.



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