the adventure continues:- big trees, high seas, great food and a cool breeze…….

Leaving San Francisco was a little sad for us both as we began the next part of the journey. We were heading up the West coast to Portland, Oregon to visit with some people we had meet in Thailand in January of this year. As we drove on to the Golden Gate Bridge and into Marin County we could not see for the fog had engulfed everything.

Our goal today was reaching the famous Humboldt State Park to walk through the largest living organisms on the planet, the legendary Californian Coastal Redwoods. Initially we were going to head straight the freeway but we decided to head to a little place called Bodega Bay and visit the also legendary village of Bodega where Alfred Hitchcock filmed his now classic “The Birds”. It was such a cool little village and there was literally nothing there except a General Store and the Church and old school house that you see in the movie.

The movie “The Birds” made this house famous.
Do you remember this church…..if not watch “The Birds”….

Heading farther north we were just in awe of the magnificent coastline that was presented before us. Its harsh and rugged shoreline and the monoliths surging straight up out of the ocean were amazing. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a lovely lunch at a little organic stop over in a very quaint seaside village. The coffee was great and the food exceptional.

West coast of the US is beautiful indeed.

When we took the exit to the Avenue of the Giants it became apparent immediately that we were now possibly the most insignificant creatures on the planet. Oh my god it was incredible just witnessing this place. The fact that it was still here and that us stupid humans hadn’t logged it out for the timber was all due to the efforts of one family in the area. Walking amongst these giants was a very moving experience and to think that some of them are approx. 3000 years old.

Dwarfed by nature as always……
So cute……….she’s a powerful woman….

We decided to stay in Garberville for the night and treated to an upgrade and free breakfast. We had one of the best meals of our trip in Cecil’s Cajan Grill. The steak was phenomenal and the beer was just what was required after the long day in the car. The next day we headed further up into the heart of the Humboldt State Park and headed to Rockefeller State Park to visit the biggest tree in the forest currently standing….Holy Shit…….it was just immense and dwarfed everything around it, this was a difficult task in itself, but it successfully did it with ease.

Its a natural one bedroom apartment
Feeling a little insignificant

We hit the road and continued north up the coast stopping in to take photos of the incredible vistas along the way. Arriving in Bandon late in the day, both exhausted from the dive and in need of a good night sleep, we decided to stay there. Dinner was at the Wheelhouse Bar and Grill in Old Town and we both slept like logs, waking up a little late but very very refreshed.

I love this photo…….thanks my love love… by Karine Deberdt

We had a quick look around Bandon and hit the road as we still had a four an d a half hour drive ahead of us and for some reason……the miles take so much longer to disappear than the kilometres. The scenery was spectacular but for some ridiculous reason there is no viewpoints on the side of the highway to stop and take it all in. It was the main frustration as Oregon and the West Coast is truly stunning.

Arch Rock, Oregon USA
Brandon Lighthouse built in 1889 or something like that……cant remember. No longer in use, but still fabulous.

Arriving in Portland was a blessed relief after three days on the road. We started our stay in town with meeting our friends Tiffany and Colby at the Base Camp Brewing Company. I had seen this place on a morning news program when I was back at home a couple of years earlier and when I walked in I remembered it instantly. It is one of two things Portland does really well! The other thing is coffee, but they also do food really well and the four of us had a great meal at another brewery….the name escapes me right now……

A Base camp brewery Test Kit. Just what you need on arrival in Portland.

Thanks to Tiffany and Colby for their wonderful hospitality and the great laughs 🙂


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