the adventure continues:- farming is not for the faint hearted……just like climbing, but hurts more.

This morning started out with a drive to the gravel pit as we needed to have weighted bags to hold the plastic down. Mario does this to kill the weeds and help prepare the composted soil ready for planting. It feels very strange to be doing seriously physical work day in day out for hours on end. I am definitely not used to it and my body is letting me know on a regular basis too.

Organic happiness….its a lovely farm

It helps being fairly fit and healthy with doing this sort of work but the body doesn’t hold up as well as it used to I must admit. The back aches a little more the hamstrings tighten a little tighter and my overall recovery is a lot longer. Like climbing, this physical activity is not for the faint hearted. You have to give your all the time and turn it on quick and hard when it is necessary.

The red beast….

Yesterday we did an indoor gym session at Horizon Roc in Montreal. K and I had to do the top rope accreditation and the lead climbing accreditation before we could do anything. I understand its a requirement but it costs money for each of them and if we did this in every gym we would be near broke because of the cost just to get in and climb.

Kaew and Karine working hard in the sun….

We had a great time climbing though and K and I are now very inspired to train again. This is especially good for me as I have not really seriously trained at all in two years now. I want to and I love it, but with travelling as you all may know it gets difficult sometimes. We climb a fair bit but not every week and not consistently at the gym either……..That costs lots of money every time you have to join.

super Mario doing what he really loves other than climbing.

Seeing Mario and Kaew is great and spending time together is really very good fun. We all get in and cook, clean and farm together so it makes the house and the farm move along quite nicely which Mario is very appreciative of. I know this because he keeps telling me. They are a wonderful couple and very much in love and in love with their little piece of environmental contribution. It’s an organic farm and I have to say the veggies are divine.

As I write this Karine is making an apple pie for this evenings dessert and Kaew is making Pad Thai lunch. It all smells so good. We are also very driven to eat given the work we are doing. It creates an appetite like no other.

The French pastry chef is in the kitchen and happy……..

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