the adventure continues:- with WOOFing complete……we hit the highway north east on a road trip…

So after our goodbyes at the farm and our work week completed we headed off in our loan car for about a week of exploring the northern shores and hinterland of the Saint Laurent River area in Quebec. We had book our accommodation for the first night late last night and we knew we had a five or so hour drive ahead of us today before we reached our place of rest for the evening.

As is quite normal now, our road trip started out smoothly with the navigator holding my phone with Google Maps shouting out street and road names in a beautiful Aussie accent. Now think about it, have you ever heard an Australian with a broad accent say French street names……It’s absolutely hilarious and Karine and i just kept on laughing until the machine stopped talking. Makes for great and fairly cheap entertainment on the road.

We arrived in Baie Saint Paul, a pleasant little town on the river and immediately we noticed it looked like the town in the “The Truman Show”. It is just picture perfect and incredibly clean to.

Welcome to the Truman Show………picture postcard……

We parked the car and walked to our destination just in time for a late lunch and our first beer of the afternoon. Another town with yet another micro brewery, however the beer was better then I expected and we tried another one just to be sure.

Locating our accommodation was a breeze and we were welcomed at Gite Fleury by Francois the owner. He showed us around and we settled in and freshened up. Francois told us about a walk that we should do through the bay area and back into town, so we wandered off and had a look around. It’s a very pretty place with some great and very photogenic places to visit.

Old wreck on the beach in the St Laurent River.
Bais St Paul Beach

Dinner was at Orange Restaurant; the food was a delight and we indulged in a Margherita each as an aperitif to cleanse the palette. Talking about our day and laughing about any number of things that we had seen and heard over the course of the day. We then walked back to our place to clean up and settle in for the evening.

The lovely walk back to town
Some fun with Miss K………thanks for the photo!

If you need somewhere to stay when you are travelling around in Quebec and you happen to land in Baie Saint Paul, be sure to look up Gite Fleury and say Bonjour to Francois and Mario from us!

Gite Fleury…….a fabulous little B&B in Baie St Paul

Also if you want to help out on a great project and do some serious WOOFing (Work On Organic Farm) in the Montreal area send me a comment on this blog and I can get you in touch with my other mate Mario. He appreciates all the assistance people give him. 🙂


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