the adventure continues:- Limestone, Pizza and Poutine, great beer and good mates.

Leaving the Riviere Saguenay and National Park at Riviere Eternitiè was a little sad as we had been so fortunate to have seen what we had seen. We headed to Saint Simeon for the night and in the morning we had a look around and then we took the ferry. Now the ferry takes an hour to cross the Saint Laurent and you have time to look around and see all the islands scattered across this massive waterway.

Private residence in Saint Simeon, including the beach………

There were sea lions just bobbing up and down beside the ferry and then we started to see these beautiful white Beluga whales ducking and weaving in the water. Truly a beautiful experience. We arrived in Riviere de Loup and fuelled up for the next few days. Google provided a Micro Brewery that was our next port of call Fous Brassants was a great place to sit and eat and have a cold beer while we searched for our nights accommodation.

The riverside moors in Saint Andre……..

We decided on a little B&B in Sainte Helene called Gîte des P’tites Madames. It was just the right thing for the next two nights. Since we were climbing in the area and it was close to the crag. Not much around but close and quiet.

We arrived and there was no one there to greet us and so we headed off to Saint Andre to buy our climbing permit from the camp ground. We had a wander to the local lighthouse, watched the sun set and headed back again. Still no one there. After a quick phone call they were on the door step. They were out and about for the evening and hadn’t checked the emails coming in that afternoon.

Petite phare (little lighthouse) in Saint Andre, Quebec CA.

We settled in for the evening and we were out to it in no time……until 4:00am when the freight train ripped through town and shook the house and the town for about three minutes. Once we relaxed and drifted back off to sleep we slept through and woke around 7:30am. Coffee was required immediately and breakfast was being prepared downstairs. The smell of bacon and eggs wafted through the entire house.

After breakfast we packed our things and we were off to the crag. Super excited and ready for a good day out just getting to know the area and the rock. We hiked in the two and a half kilometres to the crag know as “The Amphitheatre”. A quick look around gave us the lay of the land and we began the first of our days routes. Easy, easy and more easy was the way and fun, fun ,fun was the reason. We had two days and just climbed the classics.

Happy hiker in the beautiful forest approach on her way to the base of the crag.
From the same height as the top of a crag classic “Moby Dick” 5.11b (6c+)

The limestone was unusual and the climbing a little different but over all a fun time was had. What made it even more awesome was running into a few mates from my home gym who were in Montreal on a conference and they decided to be at the same crag on the same days as us. So great to catch up with Francois, Alex, Josh and Martin.

After a day at the crag………..Carb Loading!!! Photo ©karinekrysiakdeberdt

Sorry there are no climbing shots, we were all too busy having fun and doing as many routes as we could. 🙂


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