the adventure continues:- walking bare-footed through the grass makes flying a grounding experience…

As the Boursonne town church bells chime four, I decide after yet another couple of hours sleep to try and motivate myself to wake up. It doesn’t feel like jet lag, but it is most definitely that. Having not slept at all on the flight from Montreal. It is only six and half hours in the air and that allows for a few movies and the picking up of a six hour time difference. I do though, acknowledge that I am truly shattered right now.

I stand up and open the windows to let the country air flow in and out of my lungs and survey the surrounding area. It is now officially summer and the place is teaming with life. Birds of all kinds are sweetening the day with their sounds as a low flying plane drowns them out momentarily. The sun warms the room and I think to myself “C’mon Craig do 45 push ups and then you may feel better!”

Beautiful little place to be………..

The push ups definitely define my level of enthusiasm for the afternoon as I complete then all and I am keen to continue to exercise. I am doing my shoulder stabilising workout that I was super keen on before leaving for the USA and Canada. Notice immediately that it feels really good to be doing something physical after the medium haul flight.

I decided to wander through the garden and just ground myself a little. This is something that I learned many years ago when travelling as a musician in Australian. It is super important to just walk through the grass bear-footed and feel the earth in every town. It gives you a sense of belonging to the area, even for a short period of time.

I love this wood pile….its 1.8 metres tall and 15 metres long…… could build a cabin with it.
Japanese Maple……..just lovely and very zen.

We all tend to rush around and try to see and do everything we possibly can when travelling and never get a sense of where we are. We are all to up in our heads and miss the history in the earth. I know it may be a little existentialist for some of you but just try it next time you go somewhere. Even for the night. Just walk and breath and think about no much at all. Its truly cleansing.

Home Sweet Home…….

It is now time for dinner and in Boursonne that means homegrown veggies, salad and cold meat…..oh and red wine too 🙂

and this is where dinner came from….well the salad part of it anyways……


Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.

– Mark Twain


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