the adventure continues:- small observations from a large dining table during the rain

Waking to another wet day here is Boursonne may seem a little disappointing to most people but the smells in the air and the beauty that the rain brings is truly wonderful. The greens so much greener, the colours explode out of the garden and the birds still sing with an enthusiasm that is second to none.

Its a quite morning as I decide to have my second coffee for the day. Staring out the french doors on the back of the house and down to the garden is a thing that I do indeed love. It is truly peaceful and my mind rests in accordance with the environment I am in.

The backyard in Boursonne

Breakfast is pretty much always baguettes and confiture (jam) unless there is a concerted effort to prepare an omelette or some sort of scrambled eggs. The coffee rarely runs out and you can smell it throughout the house pretty much from 6:00am.

The shutters are the first thing opened when papa heads down stairs and the noise reminds us that the day is starting. A bit of banging and clattering and then silence. He is sitting down to eat and have coffee. I often sit with him and we speak very simply to each other and we seem to laugh a lot….This is a good thing.

The Boursonne climbing training centre………

I am continually improving my French just by being here, although the process is very slow when you keep having people speak in English to you out of sympathy and they also want to keep improving their english….It’s awesome to be able to have the opportunity to be involved at this level though. I never thought I’d be learning another language at my age. Jean-Claude doesn’t speak English at all so its good for me to hangout with him.

I am going to miss being here.


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