the adventure continues:- No matter what I get out of this…I know, I know I’ll never forget……

As we walked along the street towards the Le Jet D’eau de Genève I have the words to “Smoke on the Water” running through my head….I know I am not in Montreux but I am definitely on the Lake Geneva shoreline. I am truly excited about this.

Le Jet D’eau de Genève……..140 metres high at its highest..

The one thing I will always remember is that some of the places I have wanted to travel to, have been inspired by the imagery that was instilled in me as a young teenager while I listened to music and “cut my teeth” learning to play the bass guitar.


This city is truly beautiful and I am here at the start of summer. It is 26 degrees and the water is absolutely stunning… much so that I almost can’t hold myself back, but I am with the girls and we are walking slowly around town. I do miss the water! I love getting into the sea and just floating around. I can live without going to the beach for the sake of just laying in the sun, but the sea is a place that I love.

The promenade on the lake……..
I love these birds……..White Swans………always remind me of the Ugly Duckling
The Geneva bubble man…..really cool stuff……

Lake Geneva certainly lives up to its reputation. There are these incredible boats that have been purpose built for use on this lake and there are people boating around everywhere. Kids are swimming in the crystal clear waters off shore and paddling around on the floating peddle bikes. Truly, summer is here and everyone loves it.

Wandering through the side street was a little quieter than the lake front, but equally as interesting with cool little restaurants and cafes lining the streets. The gelato we had was just absolutely awesome. All the Swiss watch makers were represented in about two streets. Trams rolled by ever so quietly and cyclists cruised by looking super stylish. As one would expect in Geneva and in Europe in general…….its just the way they roll…..Excuse the pun.

Old town Geneva………truly gorgeous

Further into the back street and further up the hill revealed the very old, very grey and very protestant part of the city. Its fortification were still solid and the buildings were stunning. You know th church is doing well when there is an F430 Ferrari parked directly out the front…..Hilarious….I didn’t photograph it because it was such a cliché.

Nothing to say really….its another church and its grey….but beautiful
Old Geneva town form street level

Heading back down to the main street through the old town was lovely and the lifestyle looked truly blissful. Walking through the main mall and then back to the shoreline again……a great way to see Geneva in a day.

Off to the Montreux Jazz Festival tomorrow night…..stay tuned “good humans” 🙂



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