the adventure continues:- Viking strongholds, knights of old….to walk the wall, oh the stories told.

Leaving our friends this morning was a little strange after such a great week together. We had been climbing several times out in “The Peak District” and experienced the English countryside on days that would closely resemble the temperatures of an Australian summer. We have  been truly blessed with the weather.

Our destination today is Newby Bridge, a little village on the southern most tip of Lake Windermere. Yes we were headed for the Lakes District. On the way however we could not go past the town of York. This medieval town was the northern most stronghold of the empire for many years. It had to visited and experienced.

Shambles in old town York.

We decided to investigate the Park and Ride system that Nick and David had told us about. This is the best system and most convenient and comfortable way to see any of the major towns around Yorkshire. We pulled into the parking area, walked about twenty metres and hopped straight onto the bus that would take us to the town Centre.

Stepping off the bus was like stepping back in time (with the exception of the Mark’s and Spencer’s store across the road). The narrow cobbled streets, the old tudor styled buildings and the many many churches and priories that appear around the town.

The cathedral ceiling in the York Minster

We were not going to miss out on wandering the hallowed halls of the oldest Gothic Minster in the UK. Fourteenth century stained glass windows telling stories of the pilgrimage of christ , the remnants of Viking strongholds, Roman domination and the burial place of knights of old. This building has been here in one form or another for over 1400 years.

14th century stained glass and all the sections are 17 metres high (54 feet).
The chorale performing Mozart’s Requiem.

We walked the wall of about twenty minutes and discovered a completely different York. Beautiful backyards in old cottages, big manor homes, exquisitely manicured gardens and Pimms on the lawn. This would be completely out of place anywhere else with the exception of the UK. The rain began to come down (we did expect it to do so) and we decided to head back to the car and set off for our final destination for the evening.

The wall protecting old town. About 1600 years old give or take a couple….
The Minster from the wall

As we drove the landscape began to change and became more arid and stark, although beautiful and green, it was all low lying flora. The grazing and farm land was now moors and hills with dilapidated old buildings popping up more regularly. We were just simply taking in the journey. Two and a half hours after leaving York we arrived at our accommodation for the night.

Old church and lodgings, York UK.

After settling in quickly we headed to the Old Swan Hotel for a nice late dinner and a glass of wine. A great way to relax after a long drive and some dank weather. After dinner we walked around to the waterfront and stood on the shores of Lake Windermere. Although it was a little dark for great photos I thought it only necessary to get some shots of this beautiful place as we were headed to Kendal first thing in the morning.

Ancient arch bridge on the estuary feeding into Lake Windermere. Lakes District UK
A home on Lake Windermere
Lake Windermere at sunset.


Sleep well trendsetters 🙂


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