the adventure continues:- Seeing Scotland was not about walking through galleries and just drinking whisky.

Leaving Gretna Green, Scotland and heading to Annandale Distillery was a great start to the day. This was a new distillery built on hallowed ground. The property was first developed in 1836 by Robert Burns and pre-dates Glennfiddich by approx. 50years. Johnny Walker owned it until 1918 and then it went to sleep until 2007. Renovated and restored it is currently in production and will release its first batch of whisky in about 18 months. The tour was great and the rascally liquor is on its way soon.

the original Johnny Walker still foundations at Annandale Distillery.
The stills at Annandale.
Annandale Distillery returned to its former glory……..stunning!

Now on our way further north to the Auchentoshan Distillery for another tour, I was getting very excited about being in Scotland. I had wanted to come here ever since I had watched the movie “Highlander” as a young teenager. It was on the bucket list and so was going to some distilleries. We did the tour and tasted the unseated magic that is Auchentoshan. Glorious indeed was “tha’ wee dram offered.”

This is one of the most stunning whisky’s i have ever tried.
Auchentoshan Stills

Loch Lomond was our first stop and we arrived just as the rain started. Overcast and a little cooler than down south, it was a very haunting place to be. Standing on the shores of a loch in the Western Highlands of Scotland brought a tear to my eyes as I thought of my dad and how we had talked about possibly doing this before he passed. Well, I was here and he was definitely smiling down.

Loch Lomond, Western highlands Scotland
The lounge bar at the pub in Lass, Scotland
Loch Lomond, Western Highlands Scotland

We were going to go to Glasgow for the night and spend the day walking the city. That didn’t happen. We drove down to Johnstone and found a quaint place to stay called the Lynnhurst Hotel. The room was great, the food excellent and the sleep was fantastic. My mate back home had also that night, sent me a challenge to do 22 push-ups a day for 22 days to support veteran suicide. I began the challenge the next morning.

Long-haired Scottish cattle…..thats what they are called.
It says it all

Driving back through the West side of Loch Lomond, Karine and I agreed that seeing Scotland was not about walking through galleries and just drinking whisky. It was about castles and lochs and the highlands. So thats where we were headed. In search of Kilchurn Castle. We searched a little bit less than we should have and ended up at Dunstaffanage Castle. But were laughing and having fun trying to find our treasure for today.

Karine staring out at Loch Linnhne
Dunstaffanage Castle, Oban
Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe Scotland
Done Castle, Stirling Scotland
Piper piping

Our goal was to be in Edinburgh tomorrow but we would only get as far as Stirling tonight. 40 odd miles from our destination. the B&B was fantastic. Ten miles out of Stirling and on a quiet country road. It was the home of “Eric the Moose” made famous in the Monty Python movies (in the credits only for those who have not bothered to pay attention) and the owner John was a jovial fellow and his wealth of knowledge on all things Python was wonderful.

and Eric the Moose

Sleep well avid readers……… 🙂


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