the adventure continues:- What to do in Wales when you’re a climbing geek…..

This morning David and I headed out a couple of days climbing, in the beautiful and sometimes overcast and rain divested country of Wales. The plan was a follows; Arrive in Llanberis (pronounced Clanberis) and have a quick lunch at Pete’s Eat (the most famous climbing stop in Wales), head to the DMM Factory for a personalised tour of the plant and then head out to the slate quarries for a recognisance mission to find some of the new sports routes that have been recently bolted.

Pete’s Eats

We arrived at the factory and wandered around trying to find the reception. Finally after about ten minutes we walked in and met Holly. I had been corresponding with her over the last couple of months trying to give her the best details I could about when we would be coming through. It was fabulous to meet her and she has been a wonderful help with the tour organising. We met Ben our tour host and headed off.

Hot forging Mamba’s…….
Dave with an Ice Axe handle forge.

I have been using their products exclusively for about the last ten years and I was like an excited child in a candy store. Dave was also super excited and we had a great time looking at how all of these fabulous products are made. Hot forged quick draws, ice axes, screw gates, cams and nuts all in various stages of production. This is awesome! Ben’s knowledge of the production plant was incredible and the varying conversations about tools, marketing and climbing were super.

Super, shiny, sexy spring gates.

After our excited had wained a tad, we headed up to The Lodge Cafe for tea and cake. It has to be done. The view is spectacular and the chocolate brownies are incredible. All made on sight. Feeling satisfied yet again, we drove to V12 outdoor store and then visited the quarries Dave had been raving about in the car on our trip over here from Yorkshire.

the slate slabs of Bus Stop Quarry.

Walking into the slate quarries was an experience I will not easily forget. Walking through beautiful fields of heather and then the landscape just transforms into an alien planet. The transformation is stark and drastic. The walls are big, smooth and the bolts are shiny. I have not been so impressed by rock since staring at “The Cardinals” in Zion National Park, Utah USA.

Free sone slate fences lined the path to the quarry.
The quarry and the lake

Staring out at Mount Snowdon and up through Llanberis Pass was a vista that is rugged and spectacular. the hills are green and made for walking and the lakes are truly stunning. This is a place steeped in climbing history, but the slate mining industry history is equally as impressive. The buildings and devastation caused is truly immense.

Llanberis Pass and Mount Snowdon


Settling into our lovely accommodation at the Seaclyffe Guesthouse in Llandudno and dining out at Tiffany Bar and Cafe (established 1973) brought our day to a relaxing and very civilised end.

The Seaclyffe Guest House.

Sitting here in the lounge room near the fireplace and writing has been a great way to finish off another incredible day in the life of @some_unknown_punter. 🙂


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