the adventure continues:- moments of awe that change forever how we experience life.

Today was our only chance to get out on rock this past weekend as had special visitors all the way from France. They wanted to go climbing as well so we were hoping the weather would be awesome and we could all head out for a day of sports fun and games. The morning presented us with a wonderful display of sunshine and we all woke early and very enthusiastically prepared for the hour and a half trip to the Peak District from our Beverley residence.

I had said to Dave that I would drive given had taken his car on the last six outings and it was my turn now I had the hire car. I booked a Ford Fiesta online and got upgraded and picked up a ninja black XF Jaguar. Brand new and sporty as hell indeed. Five of us piled in to the car and set off down the M1 headed for Sheffield and via Chesterfield.

Bloody Luxury I say……when I was a young lad…….

There is nothing that is really thrilling about driving for an hour and a half with the exception of hurtling down a motorway in a super cool sports car having the time of your life with some really fun people, who were all just as excited to be going out climbing as you were. The trip was full of laughs and we talked about many things across a diverse range of subjects. Great chat without a doubt.

Karine and Eliabel had arrived on Friday about 2:15pm, delayed by “an incident” on the line. They had taken the overnight bus form Paris to London and then straight on a train to us. It was a quick trip with only a full three days to hangout. Eliabel had never been climbing and was very excited we were going.

We arrived, parked the car, grabbed our packs and we were off to the crag. Masson Lees was a great place to take the girls and Dave, Rosie and I had some unfinished business there to try and take care of. As we arrived at the repurposed quarry there were people everywhere. Everyone had decided this was the place to be. We wandered in and surveyed the scene and scoped out a place to start our day.

the Red Wall and early morning crowd at Masson Lees, near Matlock, Peak District UK.
Eliabel on her first climbing outing, doing super well and trying hard.

We all warmed up on some cruisy routes on The Red Wall. Karine and Eli were enjoying the rock and the routes. We did three routes to warm up and then had a bite to eat and moved to the Overhanging Wall. This is where the work began. I had a date with a route called “Exo6” 7a, Dave and Rosie were already on a 6b+ called “Eye Eye” and Dave was eyeing off a route called “Grand Theft Auto” 7a.

Karine climbing strong and breaking though barriers.
The author resting below the crux on “Exo6” 7a.

Rosie red-pointed the 6b+, Dave red-pointed the 7a and I fell off my 7a at the last hold in the crux. But the falls were spectacular and the climbing was so so good. We were having a blast. It was great to see everyone trying hard and enjoying themselves.

Rosie Red-pointing “Eye Eye” 6b+ on the Overhanging Wall. Masson Lees Quarry
Dave setting up for the fun stuff on “Grand Theft Auto” 7a at the Overhanging Wall.

Thu and Michael, a couple I met back in Oz a few years back and met again by chance in Kalymnos in April this year turned up to meet us and hang out. It was great to see them and have a good catch up as well…….we organised to catch up and climb next week.

Thank you all for a great day out…….“good humans”. Love long, laugh loud and climb hard. 🙂

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.

– John Milton


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