the adventure continues:- mother nature has taken back one of her own.

It was such a great day of climbing with everyone at Masson Lees on Sunday that I thought it deserved another few photographs. The following shots were taken by Michael Brennan…. thanks for your dedication to capturing the experience mate. 🙂

This wonderful human being is Thu (Too). I love this photo of her, it just captures her very purely. Photo – Michael Brennan

The Peak District is riddled with old quarries, many provide us climbers with our simple requirements of rock and bolts for us to go sports climbing. Masson Lees is an exception to the rule and is an extremely satisfying location. You may think climbing in a quarry and saying it is lovely as being somewhat contradictory, however the quarry has been taken back by mother nature and it is a very pretty place indeed.

The beauty of Masson Lees.

I cannot say anything other than wonderful to be part of such a great group of people and being able to climb in such a lovely location.

Miss K warming up her lead head on “Life of Grime” 6a on The Red Wall at Masson Lees. Photo – Michael Brennan
Version 2
The author putting the draws on his project “Exo6” 7a on Overhanging Wall, Masson Lees. Photo – Michael Brennan

I hope you all enjoy the photos and as a side note. I would recommend this crag to anyone who is interested in climbing some quality UK sports routes across all grades up to 7b. It is technical and compelling climbing for all skill levels.

Miss K trying the moves on “Exo6” 7a Overhanging Wall, Masson Lees. Photo – Michael Brennan

There is so much climbing here its amazing for such a small place.


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