the adventure continues:- Always take the weather with you…..everywhere you go.

I came to the UK to climb on the classic walls of this amazing place. so far it has been a n incredible experience travelling across the country (its not really that big) and checking out some of the coolest little bits of limestone around. The idea of a repurposed quarry was foreign to me until five weeks ago. It is now just simply the crag and the routes are sometimes chossy and loose, but most of the time they are just simply good fun.

The list of places I have climbed has been interesting to say the least but, as I did not really investigate and research any of this, it has been a great learning experience. The Wainstone Boulders in the North York Moors, the choss and loose rock at Smalldale Quarry and Stoney Middleton. The long, exciting and terrifying trad lines of High Tor (I am so not a trad climber), but when Dave said we should go and do it. I just simply said Yes!

The dumbbell Flyer sector in Pen Trwyn, Penmaen Head flowstone and the beautiful and testing slate quarries of Llanberis, Wales. Horseshoe Quarry was polished and compelling at times, Masson Lees has an excellent array of routes of varying style and feel.  This has been my favourite place so far. The routes are interesting and the location lovely. I am experiencing some great climbing on this tiny beautiful island.

Dave had the Friday off and we were really looking forward to getting on rock for the first time in about a week. When you’re travelling and climbing this is a long time. We were checking out possible new locations, even heading up to do some trad climbing on the famous git would have been great, but this weekend the weather has set in.

I thought ok it’s going to rain a little. Then they said it’s going to be a bit windy too. Yesterday it blew a gale here all day, winds at 50mph and then on top of that it rained intermittently for hours. I had heard of this British weather but never experienced it. I have been incredibly fortunate to have the most incredible summer here that anyone could ask for.

This did not at all dampen our spirits and we headed to the local gym. Rockcity in Hull saved our day from complete misery. Dave, Rosie and I headed in about 1pm and had a great afternoon of bouldering and we genuinely tried hard the whole time we were there. We were egging each other on and showing off our strengths, laughing and falling off.

Over the years I have heard a lot of complaints about the weather here, but I am truly impressed with the amount of enthusiasm with which the locals just get out and do whatever they want anyways. Adapting to this incredible variable that mother nature throws at them is one of the things that I love about “The Brits”. Stoic to the end, and always very subtle and politely positive about their lot.

If our attitudes and motivations changed based on the weather, I suspect they’d lock us all up.

– Me




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