the adventure continues:- sun, surf and sandstone. All my needs are simple…..

Writing seems to have taken a little step backwards over the last few weeks as inspiration has been a little lacking. It’s not something unexpected , however I do miss the continued data dump that is in my head. There is a lot going on in this world of travel. Many new and exciting things that continue to breath air into my lungs and beautiful sites that just present themselves on a daily basis.

The weather has played a big part in this halt in “penning” down my experiences. I find it very awkward to get out when it is totally pissing down with rain. When the weather has been good, we have been out climbing and its been great, but sometimes its just the gym and training. Which is paying off I might add.


Yesterday however it was an incredible day and my lovely friend Nicola (Nick) suggested heading to the seaside for a walk and a semi second breakfast. So off we went heading east to Hornsea. We turned left  about 10 miles out and arrived at a lovely beach known as Fraisthorpe. Parking our beautiful beast in the car park, we wandered down onto the sand. The wind was blowing a little and the sun was shining.


The East coast in the North is scattered with gun emplacements that are remnants of WW2 and this beach is a great example of what once was a possible landing site for the German war machine. It would have been an intimidating site for those poor young men who were willing to give their lives freely for “King and Country” at the time. Now they are derelict ruins melting into the sea as wind, water and time take their toll.



Walking this three mile stretch of beach in the sun was a great and necessary thing to do. Watching the water ebb and flow, the kids splashing around and dogs chasing tennis balls in the icy North Sea was extremely relaxing. I have truly missed the sea and I am looking forward to spending time on the beach when we journey back home for the southern spring and summer.


Walking a long beautiful beach. It’s really one of the truly peaceful things. 🙂


One thought on “the adventure continues:- sun, surf and sandstone. All my needs are simple…..

  1. In Denmark they have turned these beach gunning huts into bouldering walls. It was too cold when we were there, but I think they’d be cool to see. They also made some of them into giant horse statues. You should google it. 🙂


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