the adventure continues:- Disappointment turns to excitement as Plan B unfolds……

These early mornings when you travel can surely take their toll. Its 5:15 am and I am saying goodbye to Michael, who had kindly gotten out of be to have tea together and bid me farewell from these sunny British shores. We chatted briefly about whats next for us both and smile saying “See you in Kalymnos in April 2017!” I hop onto my beastly hire car and head for Manchester Airport via Hathersage and Snake Pass. Two names that I love as they inspire thoughts of “tales of olde”.

Its dark and the road is narrow but, I am heading to meet Miss K and we are going to Croatia for three weeks. Our plans to go to China were quashed as my Visa Application was never completed. It took Miss K twelve minutes to get her visa for Australia, it took me 21 minutes to get my visa of the US. Three weeks of no response and I was charged 66 quid for nothing……I was a little pissed about it.

Anyways, there are more important things to be concerned with and to be looking forward to than worrying about bureaucrats throwing their weight around. We are heading to Croatia and its the end of summer. The weather will still be warm and we can look around an amazing country and see the sights.

Karine and I met in Frankfurt, reconnected and Plan B was afoot. There is only one flight to Split a day with Lufthansa and we booked the same flights even though we were leaving from different places. We even booked seats next to each other……super cute we are 🙂

Arriving in Split was great. We were both quite tired and needed a day or so to settle in. We booked a fabulous little apartment near Lovrinac just a ten minute bus (the number 3) ride out of town. It was clean, quaint, comfortable and ours for the next five days. our hostess was lovely…… was the local beer.

This beer was fabulous……its a must while in Split, Croatia.

It had everything we needed including a suspended bed that receded into the ceiling to make more room when we weren’t using it. We had pizza for dinner that night and some cheap local house wine to celebrate being on yet another adventure together.

Our plan is to head into Split town centre tomorrow and get the lay of the land, find the local adventure store and pick up a copy of the new 2016 Croatian Climbing Guide by Boris Cujic.

Right now its off to bed and time for some well earned sleep. A relaxing but active “US” day will suffice tomorrow.

Good night friends…..sweet dreams to you 🙂


One thought on “the adventure continues:- Disappointment turns to excitement as Plan B unfolds……

  1. How sweet 🙂 I believe Croatia is really beautiful, look forward to the photo’s. We are looking forward to seeing you again and meeting Karine and showing you around down in our beautiful area 🙂

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