the adventure continues:- Our first decision was to settle in and see Split Old Town……

Waking up on Croatia felt a little strange after seven weeks in the UK. Everything was very relaxed there and here I was in a small suburb of Split called Lovrinac. We were perched high on the second floor over looking a market garden and what appeared to be some sort of scrubland. It was a beautiful little apartment that we had and we were super content just to be together again.

The Adriatic lapping at the foreshore of Split creates elegant contrast…….

Breakfast on the balcony was the morning ritual and we would cherish the sunlight until the temperature hit the mid twenties at about 9:30am. Then it was inside to tidy up and get ready for our day. We decided to keep it simple and get the number three bus into Split Downtown and just wander around the area and checkout the sights.

Old town Split was a real treat and the history was incredible. Roman architecture, granite columns, ancient city walls and wondrous underground caverns where modern day flea markets and stalls were bustling with the tourist fervour that comes with the European summer.

Roman cathedral tower in Split Old Town.
“The Plaza”

On our first day we also decided to track down the local climbing/adventure outlet and see what the lay of the land was. As stated previously we located the guidebook and headed for the town plaza. The aroma of seafood filled the air, you could smell the herbs and spices coming from the kitchens of each restaurant. How could Miss K and I resist sitting down for lunch?

Love this street……..super cute.

We were almost accosted by three locals with menu’s in their hands, stating “this is the menu for my restaurant and you should come and eat with us”. Finally submitting to one of the hostesses we sat down, ordered a local beer and scrolled through the menu. Deciding on a vegetarian risotto and  a local mussel dish. The cuisine is a Croatian/Italian mix. Completely understandable given the proximity of the countries.

After lunch we walked to the Marjan National Park via a string of local beaches, stopping for a swim in the Adriatic along the way and decided to try and locate the local climbing area. Walking for at least a couple of kilometres we located a park guard who informed us that we had to walk about two kilometres more to get to where we wanted to go. It was thirty degrees now and we were on a mission. Fortunately for us a short mission.

The Crag in Marjan Park.

The cliffs were towering above (really only about thirty metres high) us now and as we walked we noticed buildings in the cliff faces. These were in fact built by local hermits 50-150 years ago to escape the city grind and retire to a more peaceful life of prayer and art. This seemed a strange thing according to some and public outrage ensued.

A derelict hermit home in the face of the cliff
Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows perched high on the hill….

Making our way back into town through the park was a beautiful way to spend our late afternoon. I cant talk about romantic sunsets and so on, because the sun doesn’t set until about 8:30pm at the moment but non the less a wonderful walk through the forest back into town.

All roads lead to Split…..wandering back to town through the forest…….

A wonderful way to catch up with my love, start a new adventure and see a beautiful old place 🙂


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