the adventure continues:- Unique and Stunning…..Plitvice National Park……….

As I stand atop our vantage point, I look directly down into the gorge and all I see is streams of white water cascading down hundreds of feet. There are people strolling along beautiful wooden foot tracks that rise ever so slightly above the torrent of turquoise blue water that powers through the greenery and then ebbs to a short lived tranquility…….welcome to Plitvice National Park.

The view from the grand view point at the lower park entrance…..this is where we started our walk from…..

This is a UNESCO world heritage sight and for many reasons I completely understand this. The impact on the local eco-system if this place disappeared would be devastating. I had heard about Plitvice Lakes from a couple of friends back home and they had posted about it on Facebook. As Croatia was our plan B, I thought we have to visit this incredible sight.

Another waterfall…….OMG!
Lower level lake and limestone cliffs

There are several walks/hikes you can do around the area with the longest being approx. 8 kms. Karine and I decided on the 6 km walk though the park. It would take through the entire lakes system and include a boat ride across the main lake to continue to higher elevation.

the great lake and surrounds
Not another beautiful waterfall……just what we all need.

There is really no other way to describe how incredibly beautiful thins place is. It is filled with beauty at every turn. Apart from the cascades, the flora and fauna is truly stunning. The forests lush with life, fish in all the lakes, European brown bears, eagles, wolves, lynx’s, owls and many other not so exotic creatures.

Crystal clear pools display their history stunningly preserved…..
The cascades and tufa formations growing before our eyes……..incredible.

Scientists have so far listed 1,267 different plants out of 109 species that can be found within the area of the national park. 75 plants are endemic, which means that they have first been defined and classified in this area of the world or not far from it. This extract from

The lush forest and waterfall into the third major lake.
The peace and stillness was inspiring.

I was just completely overwhelmed with the beauty of this place and only being there will give you the experience you need to take in its uniqueness.

the last great vantage point from the top of this vast and beautiful park.

Or if you cant make it right now, start looking at some of the photographs on this page to wet your appetite.

The colours are simply breath-taking……….

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