the adventure continues:- being thankful for what a place has given me……Thailand is wonderful.

Arriving in Bangkok was a pleasant relief. After approximately 17 hours of flying and transfers I was happy to get off the plane. It’s not often I feel like this, however I was really tired and a bit over the whole flying thing for some reason. It was exciting heading back to this bustling city. The noise, smells both good and bad, the total contradiction that is Thai life and being able to catch up with friends: new friends that is.

This for me is what makes Bangkok so “sort of crazy”…….the cables display the town and its craziness.

Thailand has given me a lot over the past twelve months and I am in need of appreciating it a whole lot more than I think I have done. It is where Karine brought me when we decided to make a “good go” of us! It is where we met Tiffany and Colby who took us in when we visited Portland, Oregon. It is where we met Yeo and Su May and climbed together for a week. Mario and Kaew who we visited at their farm in Quebec. Remi, Evelyn and Aussie mate Joe and of course Canadian Gordon.

Hanging out with the Green Climbing Crew at Tha Farlang

My dear friends Mike and Robyn came and visited Karine and I for a week and spent New Years with us on a little island in the south, which also gave Thailand the feeling of a real connection to home.

(L to R) Robyn, Mike, Craig and Karine.

The list is long but most importantly, these people have become close to us. The common ground is Thailand. We have kept in touch through Fartbook, touching base semi-regularly to try and organise other get together’s. With all this in mind I really don’t think I have paid enough respect to what this place has truly given me.

This week Bangkok is a stop-over really. We are catching up with friends as I said previously and also recovering from the jet lag that occurs on long haul flights. I feel very lazy just bumming around and not doing much at all, but I don’t feel that I have the energy right now. Sleep is irregular and it is super humid. It is also wet a lot of the time as it is the monsoon season and when it rains here……..Holy shit does it rain.

Doing a bit of bouldering at the Urban Playground Climbing Gym at The Racquet Club has been sensational and the locals have been very good fun to hangout with, making our experience complete. Karine and I are indeed very fortunate to have the people in our lives that we have. They make our experience all the more pleasurable and for this we are truly thankful.

A very happy little boulderer……..
Keep that core locked mate!

As we wrap up in this busy and bustling city, we relaxed by the pool at a friends yesterday and today we are headed for a massage to help prepare for the short flight back to “Terror Oz Tralia”. I am very much looking forward to showing my beautiful lady around the country of my birth. I am also looking forward to seeing my friends and family who have so faithfully followed my journey since the beginning back in March 2015.

What can you say really………….just stunning.

Get ready for some more incredible places, wonderful faces and wide open spaces…….as “the adventure continues” 🙂

Note* Some of these photos have been published here in previous blogs.


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