the adventure continues:- a small glimpse of things to come…….welcome to Oz Dorothy……

After seven days back in Sydney, there have been a few things to celebrate. Catching up with mum was fantastic and it was a real thrill to be welcomed by her at the airport upon our arrival. There is no doubt there was a lot of excitement for me about this as she’s a very spritely 73 and had to get up at some ungodly hour to be there.

Mum and I in the Megalong Valley:- photo Miss K.

Another thing was being able to show Miss K where I was from. This was a wonderful thing to do. Last Friday mum and the two of us headed up to the Blue Mountains to have lunch and pick up my car. On the way to doing this we stopped at the Katoomba and stood at the lookout over-looking the Jamison Valley, Mount Solitary and the very famous Three Sisters. Miss K was having a real WOW moment and in awe of this spectacular vista.

The Jamison Valley and Blue Mountains……Mount Solitary on the right. Katoomba NSW.
Miss K, me and Mum……Scenic Lookout Katoomba NSW.

With a little time on our hands before lunch we headed to Govett’s Leap and experienced another WOW moment. The Grose Valley is one of the most spectacular vistas in the mountains. Truly inspiring and it made me well up inside. I love these little hills we call the Blue Mountains. They are one of my happy places.

The incredible Grose Vally from Govett’s Leap Blackheath NSW.

The next day Karine and I just simply went out for lunch. We headed to the North side and K got her first real glimpse of how truly beautiful Sydney really is and also saw the Harbour Bridge up close and personal. She was completely blown away by its style and grandeur. It was a stunning day in the my home town and I will never grow tired of staring at this incredible harbour.

The stunning city of Sydney.
Miss K sizing up the nuts and bolts on the Harbour Bridge…….to show her dad how big it all is.

I also managed to turn 50 this week and I am happy to be home to be able to celebrate this milestone with my family and friends. I have missed everyone and am truly looking forward to catching up with them over the course of our stay here. I feel relatively good and am pretty fit to say the least for my years…….its truly a blessing.


So that’ll do for now, as there will be many more adventures to come over the next few months down under. 🙂


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