the adventure continues:- Experience the wildlife from behind the fence…….its a lot safer in Oz.

Finally a chance to sit and write has presented itself and here I am taking advantage of this moment.

About a week ago now on the recommendation of my mother, I took Karine to Featherdale Wildlife Sanctuary. This was one of the best things I could do as I had talked up all the creatures great and small that our beautiful land has to offer.

Karine was definitely nervous about a lot of them as we had been spending time walking through the bush and climbing in the beautiful Blue Mountains National Park area. These very secretive and timid creatures are present whether you can see them or not. So I thought it best to do a “from behind the fence” style introduction. We arrived at the sanctuary and began our little adventure into the unknown.

Iconic Aussie bird……The Kookaburra

Karine was in her element! Birds flying around in big aviaries, but close enough to be seen and heard. She was amazed with the colours and the sounds that Australian birds made. Sometimes sweet and beautiful, at other times quite prehistoric and scary, especially the big and boisterous cockatoos. The Casuary was very much a point of interest as its colours and protruding bone-like horn intrigued Miss K greatly.

A Casuary walks the fence line waiting for kids with snacks………they can be very vicious when it comes to food.

The Wombats, Wallabies and Kangaroos were definitely cute and truly friendly as they are in close proximity to humans on a regular basis. Then the Koalas came into view and that was it. They were the high point of the day for K. She was just gob-smacked at how cute these fury little things were and she now understands just how lazy they are too. There were a few with little ones hanging off them and K couldn’t stop looking at them.

A Wombat……..only a small one…..weighs about 30 kilograms.

We spotted the Crocodile enclosure and witnessed people saying “Is it a model?” or “Is it dead?” I knew well enough that this stillness people were seeing was normal. This was one of the biggest Saltwater Crocodiles I have seen. Coming in at about 4.5 metres (just under 15 feet) in length, it was “a beauty”! K was again fixated on this amazing creature basking in the harsh sunlight.

Old Salty!

The reptile enclosure was a very confronting experience too, but we wandered in and viewed some of the most amazing and dangerous creatures the country has to offer. The pythons were of course a very inquisitive bunch of creatures, but the tiger snakes and the mating taipans were something to be hold. Beautiful yet deadly, they performed their dance, much to the amazement of onlookers.

The inquisitive Carpet Python coming to check us out…..incredibly beautiful creature.
Taipans…..most venomous snake in the world. Here are two mating right in front of us.

Karine was absolutely amazed at the array of creatures she was witness to. It was a day well worth  experiencing for her as now she has an idea of what things actually look like and possibly a different respect and understanding of what is lurking around in the bush when we are walking, hiking and climbing in this arid and wondrous place.

The ever entertaining Frilled Neck Lizard.

There truly is no place I have been in the world like Australia. 🙂


2 thoughts on “the adventure continues:- Experience the wildlife from behind the fence…….its a lot safer in Oz.

  1. Stunning photo’s, so glad Karinne got to enjoy these stunning animals. Look forward to your book coming out one day with all your fantastic photo’s and stories 🙂


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