the adventure continues:- A place near running water………that special touch of paradise…

Taking someone to a place that you have loved since the time you first saw it is always one of those “OMG I hope they like it!” moments. There is a level of anticipation that just sits there waiting to be absolutely shattered or to be raised to a point that can only be reached by the Saturn 3 rocket.

This beach is pure heaven……..its just stunning.

Today was one of those days. I took Karine to little paradise in the Royal National Park just South of Sydney. This is possibly my favourite place to hangout on a hot weekend or better still during the week when it is less busy and more tranquil. This place is Wattamolla! Wattamolla is the local Aboriginal name of the area, meaning “place near running water”.

Providential Cove, Wattamolla NSW

I think this place is one of the prettiest places NSW has on offer. It captures every single aspect of what I think Australia is. There is raging ocean, rugged sea cliffs, white sandy beach, a waterhole that has an abundance of life and the wildlife is spectacular.

Stillness in the creek above the waterfall…..

As we walked out to the look out, I remembered when I was a late teenager that we used to come out here and jump off the small cliffs into the ocean. I also remember there was a spot out beyond the look out that Ii would not stand. I was too frightened and I never did it. Today at 50 I stood out beyond the look out and stared down into the raging waters below.

These cliffs have seen some pretty wild seas at times………sandstone choss at its finest.

Introspectively, I felt a sense of completion and also one of clarity. I have not felt a great sense of clarity for a long time now and for the first time in a long while I am safe and feel fulfilled.

Happy times in the Australian sun……….mid back flip!

Karine was loving seeing this amazing place and was a little nervous about the cliff edge, which I can completely understand, but she wanted a photo of herself standing on the hanging rock platform. We walked a little further and decided it was time to eat. Heading back to Bundeena for a burger before our trip back to our home base in Abbotsford.


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