the adventure continues:- a plethora of paradises and picturesque vistas.

Leaving Sydney again after only two full days in town was a little bit rushed, however there was no time to  waste as we had a serious deadline to meet. The New South Wales Christmas holidays began on 20th December and there was no way I wanted us to be on the road when that chaos hit. In fact, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

We are heading north on a fourteen day road trip that would reach its paramount with a three day stay at my darling sister Tanya’s place in beautiful downtown Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast in Australia’s second largest states, Queensland. Along the way taking in what would be a plethora of paradises and picturesque vistas.


Our first stop was the ever stunning Port Stephens and Nelson Bay. The goal is to live in a tent for the entire journey. We booked into Treescape Accommodation and Camping for the night. The campsite was large and in a beautiful location, so thirty-three dollars didn’t seem to bad given the cost of accommodation in Oz so far.


We walked on Samurai beach while the sun decided what to do. We cooked and relaxed around our little portable paradise for the night. Pesto pasta with mushroom and chorizo, accompanied by Coopers Original Pale Ale was the dining delight for the evening. The temperature dropped drastically when the sun settled beneath the horizon for the night. We rugged up for a night sitting outside eating and chatting.


Calling it a night at about 9:30pm and crawling into the tent was great. We watched a little of our current favourite series on my laptop and then crashed out for the night. I had just falling asleep or so I thought and Karine says loudly “can you hear the possum?” I woke very sharply wondering what the hell was happening. There was a brush tail possum outside making its well known sound of intimidation. For a beautiful little animal they sound terrifying. We both fell asleep and sleep through some pretty wild sounds, the bats screeching, possums sounding like T-Rex and other sundry tweets, squawks and thumps.

I woke to the sounds of about five or six pairs Kookaburras laughing loudly in the trees. It was 5:41am and it was time for me to get up. I was well awake and in need of coffee. Trying to remain pretty much silent in a tent is a near impossible task, as you would be well aware. I did my best and began to bring the kitchen back to life in the back of the car. The first sip of coffee was a total sensation. It prepared me for the morning completely. Karine got up and joined me. We decided to head out for a look around.


Off the back of a mates recommendation we headed up to the lookout at Tomaree Point. The one kilometre walk summited at 161 metres apparently, but it was steep and a great wake up call for us. The vistas were nothing short of spectacular…….absolutely incredible. Karine spotted Fingal Spit and decided we should go there immediately, so we did. The beach is pristine, the water perfect and the dolphins were out in force, frolicking in the water about 150 metres off shore. We couldn’t have asked for a better morning.



We aimed for Laurieton this afternoon and found it after an average lunch at Bulladellah, followed by a speeding ticket just north of Taree sort of dulled the afternoon. We headed straight of the lookout at the top of Middle Brother Mountain and only just got to see the fabulous view of Laurieton and North Haven before being engulfed by clouds and the threat of a pretty intense thunderstorm.


The Pacific Ocean was lashing the shore at North Haven beach and the wind threw sand in our face as we walked to the end of the northern break wall. I had spent many days fishing off this wall with my dad and grandpas when I was a youngen. Its also where I spread some of dad’s ashes with my cousin Paul just two and a half years ago.

After a brief discussion with the campground attendant about the inclement weather, Karine and I decided a cabin would be the order of the night. We are warm and cozy inside our little place and will reconvene in our tent again tomorrow night.


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