the adventure continues:- Yamba…….returning and yearning as I come full circle………

Arriving in Yamba, I had a sense of completion. It was where my journey had really begun approx. two and a half years prior to this day. It is where I said goodbye to my dad for the last time, it is where my family viewed as its central place of meeting. I was so pleased to be back here and to show Miss K this beautiful and peaceful place.

Turners Beach and Yamba Lighthouse……..

I booked two nights at the Calypso Caravan and Camping Park, I think more out of nostalgia than anything else. There were plenty of other places to stay and we could have stayed with friends, but it seemed right at the time. We setup camp and headed out for a walk along the break wall that guided the Clarence River out to sea. It was a beautiful afternoon and we wandered slowly out to sea.

The fleet leaving the harbour for the evenings work……

I learned to surf a little better at Turners beach when I was a kid and then took it more seriously when I was 46 years old, hiring a board for a couple of days and trying to learn again. I was telling K about all of the things that we used to get up to here and the great times we had.

There are two theories as to the meaning of Yamba, one being that it is the local Aboriginal word for “headland”. However, J.S. Ryan, following R.L. Dawson’s early Recollections and Records of the Clarence Aborigines, believes the most likely derivation is an Aboriginal word yumbah meaning a rough edible shellfish the size of a man’s hand that clings to rocks and is similar to an oyster……..thanks Wikipedia.

We watched the fishing boats head out to sea for the night. The dolphins put on another display of happiness and freedom in the channel and the seas were relatively calm. Sunsets were beautiful and Karine and I spent two days in this peaceful place.

Its all to beautiful………

If you are ever in Yamba be sure to have breakfast at Caperberry’s Cafe. Lunch at the Pacific Hotel at the top the hill, above Main Beach and dinner at Yamba Shores Tavern.


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